Monday, September 09, 2013

Syria: Anti-war activists challenge neo-Stalinists

At the San Francisco protest (9/07) against US intervention in Syria the CWG distributed signs and leaflets which challenged the neo-stalinists tacit defense of Assad. For revolutionary Marxism, it is not necessary to defend a semi-fascist like Assad and provide cover for his brutality (as does ANSWER,PSL,WWP) in order to defend the semi-colonial people from imperialist domination and military intervention. We found many participants who were not snowed by the leadership of ANSWER.

Unlike ANSWER, the CWG opposes US/NATO intervention while not excusing or defending the Assad regime and their mass murder of the Syrian people. It is the victory of the Syrian revolution which is necessary to unite the Arab masses, re-ignite the MENA uprising and to defeat imperialism. The logic of this is not lost on all anti-war activists.

The CWG fights for the workers’ movement to launch labor actions to defend the Syrian Revolution and Defeat the US/NATO war drive-with political general strikes, occupations of military production and transportation, hot-cargoing of military shipments and the formation of international workers brigades to defeat the Syrian capitalist Assad regime and the imperialists of both camps and all their comprador lackeys.

The CWG fights the lie that the revolutionary street in Syria are pawns of US imperialism. The SNC and the FSA despite their assurances to imperialism have not been able to secure anti-tank and the anti-aircraft missiles the local militia require to defeat the regimes armaments. This is because US/NATO imperialism knows the logic of the revolution is that it will not stop at the ouster of Assad but will reignite the MENA revolution and those armaments will be used against imperialism and Zionism! ANSWER, PSL, WWP thus abandon and oppose the revolution needed to defeat imperialism and contrary to their proclaimed solidarity with the people of the middle east, they actually provide the left cover that helps perpetuate their oppression and subjugation to imperialism of both camps.

John Brown

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