Sunday, September 08, 2013

Argentina: Statement on Las Heras from Fraccion Leninista Trotskista

Caleta Olivia, September 6th, 2013
To the teachers and truck drivers of Tierra del Fuego, to the workers of Borda Hospital, to the teachers and workers of Neuquén who confronted the government and Chevron, to all worker and student militant organizations in the country:
We are witnessing how the government mercilessly attacks workers. The government does it against you by prosecuting you in Tierra del Fuego, or against Borda Hospital for defending health and demanding what belongs to them. We have also seen how the government defended the agreement with the oil company Chevron by repressing the youth and teachers.
We are in the last period of this trial fabricated by the oil companies to impose a vengeance against our comrades, these thirteen Las Heras comrades who were the first ones fighting against the “tax on wages” and against the labor flexibility under the war cry “for equal work, for equal payment”.
The town of Las Heras achieved his voice to be heard in the court denouncing how workers were tortured, chased, repressed, and our town has been occupied by the Gendarmerie and the Intelligence Services.
But unfortunately, we are very few here. We need that all the forces of workers can be side by side the comrades who under risk of ending up in jail with life sentence. We are against the clock, these are defining moments. We need of all the forces.
The complaint under the orders of the oil companies wants revenge; we need the freedom of all the workers.
We have news that in Tierra del Fuego, the teachers under prosecution summoned to the inquiry, voted a strike and demonstration towards the court whenever they have to go to the court to the inquiry. What a example it is for workers! That’s what we need here in Caleta Olivia!
Here these days are defining. We need all the forces for our Las Heras comrades to be freed. In this way, we will be in better conditions to go on fighting for the release of the comrades of Corral de Bustos, of Bariloche and for the non-prosecution of you and all the fighters.
We need urgently that all the worker and student militant organizations of the country come to Caleta Olivia and enclose the court in solidarity to conquer the freedom for the comrades!
Catrihuala Franco Andrés 
Catrihual Francisco
Family of Hugo Gonzalez
Silvana: family of Cortes
Wife of Catrihuala
Mother of Catrihuala 
Wife of Omar Mansilla
Relative of Quique and Daniel Aguilar and Pablo Mansilla
Family of Daniel Aguilar, Enrique Aguilar, Omar Mansilla, Danil Mansilla
Villacorta Union delegate of Paty
Mother of Padilla Franco Maximiliano
Wife of Juan P Bilbao
Brother of Alexis Bilbao
Paula Medrano daughter of disappeared

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