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Polemic on China


We publish two documents about the relationship between our tendency and the FLTI. This is part of a wider discussion with ex-Militants of the FLTI that documents the history of that tendency. These refer specifically to the debate of the character of China that blew up in the FLTI in 2009. The point of disagreement was whether China was emerging as an imperialist power or not. As a result of the dispute our tendency split from the FLTI as a relapsing national Trotskyist tendency characterised by a bureaucratic centralist internal regime centred on the LOI-CI of Argentina. The first document is an account of the way this dispute led to the FLTI resorting to Stalinist methods in the formation of a Zimbabwe section.  The second, summarises the main points of the debate over China as a contribution to the reflections on this issue among ex-members of the FLTI today.

Zimbabwe: From the New ISO to the RWG and the role of the FLTI

We broke with ISO (International Socialist Organisation of Zimbabwe) in early 2009 after a bitter and acrimonious fight with the then leadership headed by GW. We agreed to identify ourselves then as the New ISO pending a name change, should that be warranted. The majority of comrades followed us with a sizeable minority remaining with GW’s group and others quitting all together.

The break was preceded by a protracted political fight that culminated in a huge defeat for the GW slate at the 2008 ISO congress/National Members Conference (NMC). The fight centred on the critique of the Cliffite centrist method of adapting to the labour bureaucracy as opposed to the rank and file, a popular front approach and a bureaucratic centrist regime.

The election was immediately followed by persecution and victimisation resulting in the arrest of three leading comrades (LM and myself initially with AM rushing from South Africa to join us) at the behest of the GW group.

It was during this period that we made contact with WIVL (now WIVP) of South Africa led by Cde SM. We agreed to start exchanging notes with the view of finding answers to the political limitations we had identified in ISO. The engagements involved exchanging documents.

Soon, by around mid-2009, the FLTI was introduced to us and we initiated engagement more or less on the same level with WIVL, informal yet regular. This later culminated in a trip to SA by AM and another comrade with a view of establishing how best we can relate and continue engagements. At this meeting there were proposals for fusion made to us and we stated that only a general meeting/congress of comrades scheduled for later that year would deal with that.

It was in South Africa that we also got to know of a major political debate within the FLTI over the nature of China and we resolved at leadership level to probe the issue further and make a decision at our congress, if possible.

AM used the trip (his second one after the first personal one when he rushed back to join us in jail) to South Africa to also get in touch with individuals he wanted to work with to form an NGO, Zimbabwe Action Trust. We only got to know about this later on. This was to form the backbone of accusations of working with NGO’s when the FLTI turned against him towards the end of 2010.

We held our congress in December 2009 where it was resolved to continue probing the issue of China and maintain a fraternal relationship with FLTI.

Soon after our congress, and becoming increasingly impatient, FLTI quickly dispatched Cdes SM and MT twice to Zimbabwe in early 2010 to ostensibly look at how best they could help us but in actual fact trying to identify hurdles to immediate fusion and agreement on China.

It was during these visits that a proposal was made for us to change our name and leadership structure to reflect the tradition of FLTI. Little did we know that AM had already made a commitment (during the first official South Africa trip around October 2009) to the FLTI to fuse New ISO into FLTI and also adopt the position of the majority on China.

This was to become apparent when AM returned from Argentina in April of 2010 when we later learned that he had, together with SM of WIVL, doctored the minutes of our congress to appear as if we had agreed on fusion, on China, and to change our name. This was done during the second organisational trip to South Africa enroute to Argentina.

The FLTI/WIVL resorted to this method after realising that their positions were in the minority and could not allow for proper discussion. We can only imagine that if they could do this to thwart a majority view, how far would they go to thwart a minority position as happened with comrades of CWG-NZ/HRWS over the China issue?

The trip to Argentina (in April 2010) proved to be a turning point in that our name, structure and position on China was imposed on us with the help of Mutero who was now acting unilaterally on key issues taking instructions from FLTI.

Just a few days after AM had returned from Argentina, I was to leave Zimbabwe for South Africa. AM indicated to me that they had resolved in Argentina for me to go to South Africa for a brief period as a guest of the WIVL. Little did I know then that it was a plot to remove me from the ground in preparation for an imposition of a name, RIL-FI, and majority position on China. I never got to meet SM and when I was informed by other cdes of developments back in Zimbabwe I quickly made preparations to return and confront AM on the issue.

Upon my return, all leading cdes including me, had been either stripped of their positions or demoted using a new leadership structure imposed on us by FLTI to facilitate an unprincipled fusion and control. We quickly began to mobilise for an extra ordinary congress to primarily look at the issue of imposed fusion, name and position on China.

The extra-ordinary congress, held in August 2010, was attended by the majority of both the general members and members of the leading organ, the National Coordinating Committee (NCC). The result of the congress, as per the published statement, was to reject the imposed fusion, name, leadership structure, position on China and other minor issues resulting in AM being expelled and resolving to continue calling ourselves the New ISO.

Whist in South Africa, after failing to meet SM,  I made contact with cdes of CWG (NZ) and CWG (US), then HRWS, who constituted a minority on the question of China and had recently broke with the FLTI to form a Liaison Committee of Communists (LCC).These comrades enabled us to look at the Chinese issue intensively and openly resulting in an agreement that China had become an emerging imperialist nation. We became a section of the LCC in mid-2011 after extensive engagements, enough time necessary to look at the issue given our Cliffite history, and launched the RWG.

Soon after our congress in 2010 we heard that a moral commission had been established by the FLIT which had found that AM was working with NGO’s, and was still following the Cliffite IST tradition of holding an annual public meeting (called Marxism) where even members of the reformist mainstream parties were invited to speak, among other findings.

The real results of the findings remain unclear to us save to say that SM and some FLTI cdes spent time in Zimbabwe around this period. AM did not produce any response to the findings that we are aware of but the RIL-FI soon split in two with AM keeping the name and most comrades, and Cde JS leading another group soon to be named WIL centred on the out of Harare comrades. RIL-FI died a natural death as AM went on to be a leader of a food federation working with the MST of Brazil.

Cde Tigwe (For RWG-Z) 29 August 2020

Some salient points on the China question

Comrades, as ex-Militants of the FLTI, you probably know that the CWG and HWRS joined the FLTI at its founding conference in 2009. We immediately got into a dispute about the character of China. Everyone thought it had restored capitalism, but we were divided over whether or not it could become an imperialist power. We agreed to a public debate on China. An exchange of documents began between the majority (China cannot become an imperialist power) and minority (China is already an emerging imperialist power). However, the debate was not conducted in a democratic centralist way as it was diverted by CM into the Japanese adventure with the JRCL. As you will know from our balance sheet on the FLTI written in early 2010, we think that this episode was evidence of the emergence of a bureaucratic centralist regime around CM. Both the Japanese adventure and the Zimbabwe adventure in our view were driven by the wrong position on China taken by the Majority. Here is a summary of the salient differences on the character of China.


(1) "The world is divided, there can be no more room for imperialism powers."

Majority: From the start, this was the main argument of the majority. It was argued, following Lenin, that the world was already divided by the imperialist powers, and thereafter could only be re-divided in future inter-imperialist wars. Old imperialist powers may fall and new ones rise, but new imperialist powers can never be.

Minority: The minority agrees with this in the context in which it was written. Imperialist (oppressor) powers back their imperialist monopolies, including banks, to extract super-profits from the (oppressed) colonies and semi-colonies. No oppressed country can accumulate sufficient surplus-value to trigger growth that would bring the LTRPF into effect and the export of surplus profits as the necessary condition of imperialismTo escape imperialist exploitation would require the overthrow of imperialism and its comprador bourgeois agents. A big task for a semi-colony (or even a weak imperialist power such as Tsarist Russia.

Resolution: This position is correct insofar as no oppressed capitalist semi-colony has broken from the imperialist world system forcing a repartition of the world economy from ‘below’...except for workers' or peasants' revolutions going all the way to a break with the national bourgeoisie and imperialism. The Russian revolution did exactly this. We don't need to tell the whole story to those who know it, it is sufficient to show that these revolutionary breaks did not reject Lenin on imperialism. Rather they confirmed his theory and method. What’s more, Lenin's theory and practice was instrumental in making the revolution that broke free of the capitalist world by winning the civil war in 1921, as did China in 1949.

(2) The workers states, isolated and backward, could not escape their bureaucratic deformation or degeneration. Without political revolutions supported by world revolution, their fate was, as Trotsky thought most likely, a state capitalist restoration.

The majority and minority agree that this historic defeat took place in Russia and China by 1992. In China we agreed that restoration converted the bureaucracy into the Red Bourgeoisie. But we differed on the legacy of the bureaucratic workers state in determining the outcome for the restored state capitalist regime.

Majority: Starting from its assumption that no imperialist powers can emerge once the world was divided in the imperialist epoch, the restoration of capitalism means that China would re-enter the world economy as an oppressed country unable to accumulate sufficient value to emerge as imperialist. Whether China is semi-colonial, or some 'transitional' state, the point is it is oppressed and fought over by rival imperialist powers. Massive FDI in the free trade zones, big branch plants of most of the big multinationals, and China's role as the workshop of the world, all fit the 'profile' of a semi-colony that serves the imperialist division-of-labour by producing cheap imports of capital and consumer goods for the world market.

Minority: The minority questions how can this be true? China has accumulated massive surpluses since 2001 when it joined the WTO, and now exports surplus capital to every continent as FDI or state-to-state deals in competition with the established imperialist powers. While China allowed the controlled penetration of imperialism in the special zones, it also imposed terms that required joint ventures and intellectual property transfer unlike any semi-colony. The legacy of the workers state allowed it to control and limit the extend of imperialist penetration, and thus to retain the ability to accumulate capital and emerge as an imperialist power.

Resolution: Abandon the dogmatic assumption that Lenin's theory of imperialism cannot predict and spark revolutions that allowed socialist revolutions to re-partition the world economy! Further, failing the world revolution, counter-revolutions forced the bureaucracy to restore capitalism but not at the expense of re-colonization. The legacy of the workers' state proved to be the advantages of a strong central state, a dominant state-owned monopoly sector, and a centralised Communist Party that could plan the economy. The minority asserts that this legacy of the workers' state allowed the Red bourgeoisie to accumulate capital sufficient to trigger the LTRPF and the export of capital.

(3) The Character of China at the concrete level

The two points above cover the theoretical development of Lenin's theory of imperialism, the victory of socialist revolution against imperialism, and of the inevitable failure of an isolated revolution in a single backward country. This is consistent with the observed reality of the character of China today. But we need to evaluate the program and practice of the Majority and Minority as a consequence of their method and theory.

Majority: The majority theory of no new imperialisms must be put to the test against the observed reality today. At the time we had the debate in 2009, the evidence of China's restoration as a semi-colony, open to re-colonisation by imperialism especially the US and Japan, was superficially convincing. It required a program for the socialist revolution, the defence of China, especially from the US, and a bloc with the JRCL in support of the socialist revolution in China. The Minority was naturally cast as abandoning Lenin and Trotsky in order to support the US ruling class in its attempt to recolonise China. At that time the Minority held that China was an 'emerging' imperialism with semi-colonial characteristics and would have defended it from a US (or any other imperialist) attack to increase the super-exploitation and oppression of China. The Majority today still argues that the growth of China is that of an oppressed nation subordinated to imperialist powers. Even the Belt and Road project that invests $trillions in unprecedented global infrastructure is interpreted as reducing labour costs for imports and exports that serve the profits of China’s imperialist masters!

Minority: For the Minority Lenin's theory of a re-divided world applies to the workers states which he had a hand in establishing. It can explain the return of the workers' state to the capitalist world with the legacy of state capitalism that avoids re-colonisation and the lawful emergence of new imperialist powers. It counters the unipolar world of the fake left that delegates the workers revolution to this or that imperialist dictatorship including that of Xi Jinping, president-for-life. The program for China that flows from this is dual defeatism in every inter-imperialist war and defeatism in wars against semi-colonies.

Resolution: In the decade since this debate began, China has risen to become second only to the US as a world power, and ahead on real GDP and capital accumulation. Back In 2010 China was only beginning the trajectory of its imperialist expansion. But already it was accumulating a surplus in trade much of which was invested in US treasury bonds. No semi-colony ever did this. It had virtually no external debt, unheard of for those of us living in semi-colonies. It was becoming a banker for the Bolivarians and the Castroists. The only reason that the Majority did not see these trends as contradicting its theory on China was the preconceived schema misrepresenting Lenin which saw the world revolving around only the USA. Back then we referred to this theory as missing the 'elephant' in the room. Today there is no question: the elephant has broken out of the room, trampled on those who still do not see it, and is now challenging the US for the lead in dominating the world. As comrades look back at the FLTI to see what went wrong and why, they should re-evaluate the debate on China and the adventures in Japan and Zimbabwe, which revolved around his question China.

Dave Brown (for ILTT) 4 August 2020


Class Struggle #134 Spring 2020

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The Party that stole the name of 'Labour'


New Zealand Labour Party - Home | Facebook

PM Ardern and the human face of Labour that masks naked capitalism

The New Zealand Labour Party must be elected to govern alone to be judged for its failure to deliver on its promises to workers and the poor for decades. It got away with breaking those promises by making concessions to NZ First party to keep the coalition Government in power. As for the Greens keeping Labour ‘honest’, a pious hope when its co-leader James Shaw recently gave $11 million to an elite private school!

When social democratic parties tie themselves to petty bourgeois or bourgeois partners, they become part of a political popular front dominated by the interests of international monopoly finance capital. Promises made to workers are then sacrificed. As a result, they become in effect open bourgeois liberal parties without any pretense of representing workers.

Labour has long been moving towards an open liberal party since 1984 when it was hijacked by the Roger Douglas right-wing who later split to found the ACT (Association of Citizens and Taxpayers) party, later rejuvenated under MMP on the extreme right of parliamentary parties. Labour won the 1987 election with the support of swinging voters in affluent National Party seats. Disgusted by Labour’s right turn, in 1989 its left-wing split from the party behind Jim Anderton to form the New Labour Party leaving the centrists around PM David Lange in charge of the liberal rump of the party.

The Split in Labour was a Disaster

The split in Labour was a disaster. The Left had roughly a third of the votes in the national conference and a majority on the National Council behind Jim Anderton. But instead of using that support to launch a campaign to kick out the Douglas right faction, Anderton left prematurely to form the New Labour Party.

The NLP got 5% of the vote in 1990, proving that the split was not only ill-judged but a top-down left bureaucratic adventure. Labour suffered a major defeat retaining only 29 seats allowing National to form an extreme right-wing government to impose the ECA, drastically cut benefits and force a 26 week stand down for the unemployed.

In 1993 two thirds of the electorate voted against Rogernomics. Labour won almost the same number of seats as National but it did not get a majority because the NLP (which had now formed the Alliance with the Greens and Democrats) split the vote in a number of seats.

The result was a hung parliament. Anderton refused to support a Labour plan to form a government on a 5-point program which included repeal of National’s labour ‘reforms’ and plans to privatise health and the ACC. This allowed National to stay in power until 1999.

The split in Labour then ensured that the Rogernomics counter-revolution sped forward on steroids under the National Party. What began as a bureaucratic split by the labour left now became a sell-out of NZ workers for the whole lost decade of the 1990s. Moreover, it marked the consolidation of the Blairite centre in the Labour Party and the failure of the Clark and Ardern governments to repudiate neo-liberal policies.

Under MMP Labour has ruled only with the support of the petty bourgeois Alliance, Greens, and NZ First. The 9 years of the Fifth Labour Government (1999-2008) was a popular front Gov’t that provided a Blairite fig-leaf over the naked neo-liberal policies of the Fourth.  It trapped workers in parliament while the world headed for the financial crisis of 2007/2008.

True to form, Labour had done no more than prepared the ground for National’s 9-year term in office from 2008 to 2017, dragging the country into period of austerity and subservience to both Chinese and the US imperialism.

Labour sneaked back into office in 2017 only by forming a popular front coalition with the bourgeois populist NZ First party, and a confidence and supply agreement with the petty-bourgeois Greens. Labour under its Blairite Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, wanted to prove that it could govern for the centre, reconciling capitalism and socialism, and failed to enact any major reform in the interest of workers.

Labour has always been a Capitalist Party

The reason should be obvious. That Labour is and always was a capitalist party that put profits before people. Its only rationale to exist was to present itself as the ‘nice’ face of capitalism to corral workers off the streets into parliament. But Rogernomics exploded the myth of ‘niceness’.

Today the ‘missing million’ is the working class that Labour has abandoned for the middle-class, or more accurately the “class-less middle of NZ”.  When crises strike, Labour rallies the nation against class which provides a mask for the ruling class. It suppresses the class contradiction in the warm bath of nationalism.

Then the Covert crisis struck, Labour showed its true colours. It formed a cabal of big businessmen including Sam Morgan the face of neoliberal marketplace, to get permission for the ‘hard and fast’ lockdown. But the cabal wanted to continue to pull the strings. The ‘plan’ was to eliminate the virus then find a rapid high-tech solution to track everyone to keep it out, and so open the economy up for ‘business as usual’.

This worked until the bureaucratic border breakdowns that allowed the virus to sneak back in. The cabal, now with support from National, put the hard word on Labour to abandon the strategy of elimination as too costly for business. Labour balked at this plan, but compromised to try to keep the virus at bay, and lost little popular ‘trust’. Then with Judith Collins running the naked face of capital strategy, Sam Morgan spat the dummy when his Covid Card failed to get rapid adoption. It was game on with weeks to go.

With the election looming, the contradiction between the expectations of Labour’s voter base and its failure to meet those expectations, has been over-ridden temporarily by the impact of the pandemic.

The idea that NZ as united in one “team of 5 million” is fraying at the edges and looking shaky. Business sentiment, especially SME businesses, despite bailouts and wage subsidies, has dropped between the first lockdown in March and second lockdown in August.

The desperation of the rightwing National and extreme right ACT, now backed by the rebellion of the Morgan business cabal, and the corporate media, threatens to destroy the trust in Labour’s leadership in the fight against the pandemic.

For an Workers Socialist Party

The 2020 election may yet see Labour returned with a majority to govern on its own. But even so in the Covid world it would rapidly cave in to the kiwi comprador cabal and international finance to give priority to the economy. But it would be exposed to the working masses as a bankrupt social democratic party serving only to make workers’ pay for the bosses’ crisis ridden system.

To make this happen class conscious workers must give critical support to the re-election of the Labour Party with the objective of splitting workers away to form an independent workers party, that can represent the 80% who work to replace the rotten capitalist system with a socialist system that serves their needs.  

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Bolivian Workers Strike: U.S. Workers, Their Fight is Our Fight!

Repression and Radicalization on the Rise in Bolivia | Left Voice

Statement of CWG (USA)

Under the devastation of the pandemic and the global economic crisis, the Bolivian Workers' Center (COB), the main Bolivian trade union federation, called for an indefinite general strike on July 28th. After many months of repression and resistance the working masses have broken from the Bolivarian  Movement for Socialism (MAS) and forced the COB leadership to call for the general strike. This strike is growing as more and more sectors of workers join it. But the Añez fascist regime is mobilizing their generals and fascist mobs to smash  the strike. 

It was the growing inter-imperialist rivalry between the United States and China that became the spark for the 2019 Añez coup against not only the elected government but the working people of Bolivia. It was a coup made by the U.S. in league with the fascists of the Media Luna to take back their ownership of Lithium from the partnership between Morales and China. 

As our comrades of the Grupo de Trabalhadores Revolucionários do Brasil (GTR-BR), the Brazilian section of the the International Leninist Trotskyist Tendency (ILTT) wrote in November 2019:

The trigger for this coup is the decline of US imperialism that loses influence over the Bolivarian ALBA that turns to China for trade and investment. But China is not just a semi-colony capable of rescuing the ALBA from US imperialism. She is the largest imperialist rival of the US, globally and also in Latin America. It is their economic power that is turning American semi-colonies into Chinese semi-colonies. It is Morales’ agreement with China on raw materials, especially lithium, that has deprived the US and the Santa Cruz oligarchy of most of this great wealth.” - “Bolivia: Down with the coup! For a workers’ and peasants’ government!

Of course this lithium is the basis of the coming generation of Lithium-Graphene batteries and the electric cars and trucks the Democrats are promising to have produced in the U.S.A. Just this week their all-but-nominated presidential candidate proposed an electric Corvette. Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla Motors, was recently called out on social media for his support for the Bolivian coup. Rather than deny it he said “we’ll coup anybody we want to!” Watch out Zimbabwe! (Zimbabwe mines Lithium as well.)

The Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA) supports the Bolivian general strike,  We support the objective of winning the ranks of the military and arming the workers to build their own organizations of workers and peasants power. But for this to succeed,  U.S. workers need to stop the military intervention of the U.S. in support of the fascist regime. 

U.S. workers take up the Bolivian general strike as your own! Take the cause to the unions, to the veterans and the ranks of the U.S. military! 

Take it to the streets where the fight against racism and the pandemic is now surging! For labor political strikes in the United States in defense of Bolivian workers! Send a message to Trump and his Bonapartist regime that there is only one fight against racism, fascism, imperialism and class oppression and that is international socialist revolution! 

Down with the U.S.-backed fascist regime! No US military intervention in Bolivia and Latin America!

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Zimbabwe: Stand in solidarity with workers under attack!

Nurses and Doctors strike for PPE and major changes to health system

The following is reprinted from our comrades of the Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (RWG-Z):
The RWG wishes to extend our most unflinching support to the workers of Zimbabwe for their resolve to re-ignite the struggle for a living wage. The past days we have seen the Health workers bravely expressing their disgust with the slave wages that the junta regime is paying them notwithstanding workers’ brave struggle to continue saving lives following the deadly outbreak of the Corona virus globally. It is also important to appreciate that these workers are also having to put up with long shifts and working in a very dangerous environment without adequate supply of PPEs. The sad part is that the workers have however, seen their living standards continue to get worse particularly as a result of hyperinflation and the unchecked loss of value of the worthless Bond notes/RTGS /Zim $ that even tuckshops are increasingly refusing as a medium of exchange.
The pain is being felt across the entire working class as the life of the poor in general has deteriorated dramatically, particularly in this lockdown period; an increasingly unpopular, reckless and elite lockdown which has made the lives of the poor more difficult than anything. What is shocking is that this regime which is saddled with serious corruption relating to award of tenders for COVID PPEs seems not to take the situation seriously. They recently announced a meagre 50% salary increase for civil servants as well as a US$ 75-00 allowance whose operational modalities nobody seems to understand, without any consultation with the workers. This is the height of the military regime’s arrogance on matters of workers and the poor in general. It is in that regard that as RWG, we stand in firm support to the announcement by the teachers and other civil servants that they shall be protesting against the slave wages on the 22nd of June 2020.
This protest should begin a campaign for a general strike across all exploited and oppressed sectors of society, to address not only the failure of the Covid strategy, but the underlying economic collapse that is being paid for by the working people. A strike committee elected by all workers in struggle should coordinate this campaign and prepare workers’ defence committees against the repressive state forces.
Let all the poor masses arise led by the working class. As Lenin and Leon Trotsky used to say leadership of the revolutionary struggle should permanently reside in the most oppressed and exploited proletariat class.
Our program addresses the basic needs of our class to survive, for safe and healthy work conditions our program picks up the forgotten promises of the anti-imperialist revolution. We fight to win jobs, education, health care for all. To win we need class independence and working class unity that brings the skilled workers, the daily laborers and our class allies among the street vendors, farm workers, the radicalized students and intellectuals together to build independent working class organizations in every workplace and community that advance and defend our movement. For survival, workers need to assert control of all PPE and use masks at work and in street actions, strikes and assemblies.
To escape the continuous economic crisis of Zimbabwe we say build union caucuses around transitional demands. To win Jobs for all with a living wage we advocate class struggle actions that make the bosses and imperialists pay billions in public works to build schools, clinics, hospitals and distribution centers for basic needs.
To defend the rights of our class we fight for democratic rights of the workers, the super-exploited and oppressed peoples in the workplace, streets and public domain.
To win these immediate survival demands and the fight for workers democracy against the brutal military regime, independent workers organisations and unions must unite to form an independent workers’ party capable of leading the class to power and a Workers’ and poor Farmers Government with a program to build a socialist republic as part of a wider South African Union of Socialist Republics!
Let’s make this a long winter for the exploiting class. For a militant campaign of strikes building for a general strike against the military regime and for a Workers’ Government!
Jobs for all! For a 30 hour workweek at 40 hours Pay! We demand a sliding scale of wages, hours and prices and employment for all who can work!! For guaranteed employment for all who are able, a guaranteed income for all! Land must be distributed to all poor peasants together with a state bank to provide cheap credit to all small farmers!
Workers break with the MDC and ZANU PF and form a workers party! No to US and Chinese imperialism!
For workers councils and for a workers state based upon them that defends workers and peasants against the local and foreign capitalists! For a workers and peasants’ government on the basis of the armed people to implement decisions that benefit the workers and the poor.
For an African socialist revolution as part of the international revolution that alone can guarantee a better life for all! For a new world party of socialist revolution based on the Transitional Program of 1938 to lead the revolution to end capitalism and open the road to socialism! Viva Workers of Zimbabwe!! Viva Socialism!!
Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (RWG-ZIM), 06/21/2020
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Let's resolve racist capitalism's crisis in favor of our class!

ILWU BLM stoppage against police violence

The brutality of racist American capitalism has been exposed yet again with daily vigilante/cop murders of Black people, most recently George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Rayshard Brooks, which have sparked mass social protest both in the U.S. and across the world. Lynching and arbitrary Boogaloo attacks are on the rise! We say!  #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Defend Black, Brown, Immigrant and LGBTQI+ people from state and vigilante terror.
The U.S. capitalist ruling class has been thrown into chaos, unable to control the streets which are filled daily by a movement, predominantly composed of multi-racial workers and energetic youthful  #BlackLivesMatter protesters.  Meanwhile the country is led by a wannabe Bonapartist POTUS who wants nothing more than to wage war on these protesters, using the military against Americans. Thursday, he threatened to use the Federal troops to smash the Seattle protesters autonomous zone #CHOP. The military top-to-bottom has little appetite for his unconstitutional schemes.
Sections of the ruling class and politicians, sweating under the pressure of the mass movement, want less repressive methods for the moment and are willing to enact token policing reforms in order to attempt to derail the protests. They proffer the carrot at the very moment Democratic mayors and Trump are still wielding the stick (and the rubber bullets AND Pepper gas.) Perhaps worst of all, the betting line is that real progress at removing structural racism will not be forthcoming from the politicians – this time either. Remember the Kerner Commission report! To win racial justice the mass movement must accelerate from “Defund and reform” to Disband, Disarm and replace with self-organization of the working class and oppressed community’s self-defense.
Many Democratic Party municipal governments talk police reform as they unleash their racist cops against the Black Live Matters protesters in the streets to tear gas, shoot, beat, arrest and also kill anti-racist protestors. Lynching in southern California and armed motorcycle gang attacks on protestors in Ohio show us how little we are served and protected. FREE ALL PROTESTERS! DROP ALL CHARGES!  FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! 
The crisis of world capitalism has reached its deepest point since the Great Depression and the inter-imperialist WW II of the last century. Capital has failed to recover their rate of profit from the 2007-2008 crisis and now, despite fictitious growth in the stock market which benefits the wealthy speculators, a new severe crash – exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic is underway.
The moment is now for the working class to take advantage of the state crisis of bourgeoisie! The exemplary action led by the International Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union Locals 10, 34, 75, & 91on “Juneteenth” (June 19th) is intended to leverage the power of the working class to resolve the burning social issue of structural racism and police terror. We call on big battalions of the AFL-CIO to follow this leadership. Instead, Trumka ignores the ports shutdown and instead sends an email invitation to join “your local” WEDNESDAY (6/17!!) demo calling for passage of the HEROES ACT. So serious is Trumka about fighting racism that the “local” NYC protest is on Friday and it’s in Jersey City! To unite the working class the AFL-CIO leadership should join the ILWU and build mass strikes against structural racism.  Labor must clean its own house by uniting in anti-racist mass actions and strikes!
For the ruling class, April’s crisis Trifecta (environment, economic, Covid), has turned into June’s four headed monster as our movement for racial justice has linked oppressed sectors of the class into mass anti-racist movements in the streets! But protests alone and especially a protest movement that melts away into electoralism will not defeat the structural racism of U.S. capitalism.
It is long past time for the working class and the social movements to take advantage of the crisis of the capitalist state and go to full court press.  After two hundred minor test strikes in the last few months, the working class needs to take up the fight for Black equality and unite as a self-conscious class to advance to the general strike, the political general strike and working-class power.   The Communist Workers Group seeks to build a general strike movement, not for mere ‘feel good’ economic stopgap legislation or a police reform that Capital can later swipe or never enforce, but for a workers’ government!
The union’s last stronghold of state and municipal workers are today under attack as the ruling class politicians, in many cases Democratic Governors and mayors, renegotiate contracts to  make their employees pay for the crisis with furloughs and pay cuts, while billionaires are allowed to enjoy their tax cuts and inflated stock prices. States are crying for bailouts by the federal government; and communities and cities are talking about defunding the police! There are capitalists who are eager to make concessions to the movement if they can demobilize us with token demilitarization of police forces.  DON’T GO FOR IT!
They want us off the streets and contained because a great depression is at hand and the next administration will be all about “austerity” to pay the banks and even to bail them out. The ruling class capitalists, and their politicians like Biden, WILL dig in supporting their police, ultimately, since their rule rests on this firepower much more than any latter-day “consent of the governed!” They will give up chokeholds, perhaps. They will not give up the racist terror culture! Only the blind and deaf deny that class warfare is on their agenda.  The question the movement must ask itself is will we fight for power or take the bait and depend on elections for the changes we seek. We say, “Insist on survival!” For the working class and oppressed people to survive the whole class and all oppressed people must create popular assemblies to legislate and execute social justice programs!
Unless the working class and oppressed people build our power the Black and Brown communities will continue to be the hardest hit by layoffs as the depression deepens. This will multiply the effects of the pandemic upon the ironically labelled “essential” workers many of whom have always been the last hired and first fired. The faint praise of the Newsom and Cuomo administrations did not result in defense of their “hazard pay” in the exceptional cases of those who got it! Likewise, millions did not receive their so-called “stimulus” checks. While well-off intersectionals and union-affiliated academics talk democracy abstractions, we want to fight to get you your necessities!
Refuse victimizations! NO police violence–we call for disbanding and disarming Capital’s gunsels–And NO worker layoffs! We call for Labor-Black-Browns Community Defense Guards to guarantee social safety. These should be union-based and organized in Union Halls and the Community Centers of the oppressed communities so often nowadays under attack. We call for “Jobs For All,” and to do this we advocate for a 30 hours workweek with 40 hours pay at union wages. We further demand sliding scales of hours and wages, because we haven’t seen prices drop with the decline of economic activity (you can’t eat gasoline!) and the layoffs keep coming and will until WE stop them.
The ruling class has demonstrated they are incapable of solving the political crisis, the crisis of 400 years of racist dehumanization of the Black and Indigenous people, and the Brown and Asian peoples as well. The centrality of the fight against Black oppression has always been key to the advance of the working class in the United States liberating itself from the shackles of big Capital.  Why?  Because big Capital was initially accumulated on the back of chattel slavery and is sustained by the super exploitation of the Black, Brown, Asian and migrant workers and the pervasive racism that divides the working class. The white immigrant workers came to these shores not as exploiters of the native population or the Black and Brown workers, but as super exploited workers themselves. The Irish, Italians and Jews all had their initiation into the Americas, forced to struggle for scraps as urban workers. Due to their whiteness, they were allowed a few steps up the economic ladder, especially if they were willing to do the bosses’ bidding by manifesting racist bigotry. This racism exists even within the trade union movement promoted by class traitors. The worst manifestation of this poison is the welcome the AFL-CIO had afforded the Police and Prison Guards unions.  WE SAY COPS OUT OF OUR UNIONS AND UNION FEDERATIONS!
How to unite the working class against the divisions imposed by the bosses’ ideology of racism, sexism and discrimination of all kinds?
It is time for the union movement, which has traditionally been white-led, to identify its racist past, first by expelling the Cop unions from the Labor Federations, and then by organizing sectors of the economy with the lowest paid Black and Brown workers.  We need to use the power of the labor movement to break the anti-organizing laws and nullify them in practice.  We need to employ tools such as the PRO Act (Protect the Right to Organize act, so soon forgotten in an election year by union “leaders” who are Democrats first.) We need to use the secondary strike to bury Taft-Hartley through class struggle that organizes the unorganized and wins jobs, living wages, medical care, vacations and pensions for all! Recalling FDR’s “Four Freedoms” is speechifying flim flam; the delivery is due!
We call for a fighting workers’ Labor Party! This will be a class-for-ourselves party that is a tribune of the people and champion of all the oppressed! As against the sectoralist multiclass organizations that preserve capitalism, we raise special sets of demands to address special and particular oppression; we fight for all workers as defense of the rights of our whole class, accepting all!  NO EXCLUSIONS!
We fight for justice for ALL!  Remember all victims of racist terror!  George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Rayshard Brooks Presente!! 
Drop all charges and free all arrested anti-racist protesters!  An Injury to One is an Injury to All!
Cops, National Guard and Military off the streets!  Hands off the demonstrators! 
Mobilize the social power of the working class for political labor strikes demanding justice for George Floyd! Defund the cops! Not one penny for the forces of state repression! Abolish the police, successors of the slave patrols!
Cops are racist terrorists and strikebreakers! Kick the cops and prison guards out of our unions and labor federations! Struggle against racism in our unions: build anti-racist class struggle caucuses that fight for political independence and a transitional program. 
For mass labor-centered mobilizations to drive the racist terrorists and the fascist militias from the streets! Convene workers tribunals for justice for all victims of cop violence!
Build racially integrated, armed, trained and disciplined Labor/Black/Brown self-defense guards out of our union halls and community centers to defend Black and Brown people against racist cop, fascist and vigilante terror!  
Charging Derek Chauvin with second degree murder and manslaughter is a mockery of justice! Workers and oppressed will never find justice through the capitalist courts! For workers tribunals!
For workers political strike actions to oppose state repression and to defend the protests! Shut the whole country down! Then open it up under workers control and self-management!
No to stop and frisk and racial profiling! Cops out of the schools and off of transit! Down with the American injustice system, racist mass incarcerations and prisons!  Abolish the racist death penalty!
Racist police terror and violence will never end until American capitalism is abolished. Smash racist segregation through revolutionary integration! End discrimination in housing, jobs, education and healthcare! For Black liberation through Socialist Revolution!
Build a fighting Workers/Labor Party and a Workers International, a tribune of the workers and oppressed, to fight for a Workers Government! For workers rule and World Socialism!
COMMUNIST WORKERS GROUP, (CWG-USA)               June 19, 2020                               Labor Donated