Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zimbabwe: Bolivian Workers Central (COB) condemns IST use of bourgeois courts.

The Central Obrera Boliviana COB (Bolivian Workers Central) has been informed of the criminal charges against 3 members of ISO from Zimbabwe, comrades Adonia Mulero (National Coordinator), Fortune Rera (Treasurer) and Lovemore Manjonjo (Youth Coordinator).

From the Central Obrera Boliviana we call on Mr Munyaradzi Gwisai, leader of the International Socialist Organization in Zimbabwe (member of the International Socialist Tendency), to withdraw the charges of forced entry into the office of the branch, made against the comrades that are been taken to the jails of the government of the regime of ZANU –PF- MDC; we repudiate this method within our workers organizations. And we endorse the call of the comrades to set up an International Moral Tribune to put this informer in the defendant’s seat so all that this never happens again in the workers movements.

Long liVE workers democracy!!!

Out WiTH informerS FROM workers ORGANISATIONS!!!

DEATH TO fascistS, paramilitaries and informers!!!

La Paz, November 18th 2009

ON BEHALF OF COB Executive Committee

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