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Peru: Bolivian COB denounces jailing of Peruvian miners leaders Condori and Boza

Declaring solidarity with our miner comrades in Peru

The Executive Committee of the Central Obrera Boliviana denounces in front of the eyes of the world and Peruvian community the actions of Alan Garcia’s government, for imprisoning the miners comrades Pedro Condori and Claudio Boza, who are union leaders from Casa Palca mine. They were imprisoned for starting a strike claiming their social benefits following a decision of the miners sector assembly.

Alan Garcia’s government in a dictatorial way imprisons leaders, not only striking miners but everyone who criticize his government, imprisoning and submitting them to the bourgeois justice of that country.

This situation means that all Latin American workers must be united to break with the dictatorial governments who are subservient to US imperialism and we demand their immediate freedom and the right to free expression and protest of all Peruvian workers.

The COB will respond to any decision that our comrades workers from Peru may take and also we support morally and materially their struggles, we also reject any attempt at harming their rights and their jobs.






Emergency appeal by the International Trotskyist League of Peru

The hated Fujimorist regime of the FTA takes more workers as hostages

Free the workers and popular fighters of Peru!

On September 9th 2009, Pedro Condori, general secretary of the union of Casapalca mine was seized by the police when he was coming out of a meeting held in the ministry of labour building and put in jail. The prosecutors and the ministry of justice had never warned him that he was facing any charges. Then, Claudio Boza and Eloy Martin Poma, also leaders of the mine workers, were put in jail. Both Condori and Boza have been put in detention in the jail of Aucallama, with ordinary criminals, in Huacho, outside Lima –the capital city - where it is difficult to connect with their families. Without receiving any kind of medical attention, comrade Condori’s health is worsening by the day – he is already weak because of sickness from working in the mine.

They are accused of the death of a captain of a police battalion that wanted to slaughter miners in October last year when the miners went on strike in defence of their rights and blocked the main highway that links Lima with the rest of the departments of central Peru. The captain was killed, allegedly, by a rock thrown from above, by the workers, but there is no proof. Comrades Condori, Boza and Poma were in Lima in negotiations with the bosses and the ministry of labour when this happened. Their arrest amounts to a kidnapping and taking of hostages by the hated FTA Fujimorist regime!

Meanwhile, tens of militant workers and poor peasants from Amazonia are being kept in the jails of the government, with no medical care, subordinated to physical and psychological torture. Alberto Pizango and other leaders had to go into hiding to avoid being captured. The Distict Attorney’s (DA) office has denounced 240 leaders of the united front and the communal leaders of the struggle of Andahuaylas, who were at the head of the department strike in Andahuaylas in June/July this year. The D.A. also appealed for 35 years in prison for Zenon Cuevas, leader of the united front in Moquegua, which led the struggle last year.

In the meantime, the murderers who have been killing us for the last 30 years are still free. The bloody dictator Morales Bermudez, who was part of the “Condor Plan” to detain the political refugees who were escaping from the dictatorships in South America and who is also responsible for the death of three revolutionary Argentinean militants betrayed to the Videla dictatorship, is now introduced as a “patriarch” of democracy, since he led the agreed transition between the military party, to the Apra and the social-Christian right.

Belaunde and Paniagua (both members of Popular Action) who tortured, slaughtered and made people disappear in the ‘80s through the actions of the government, are resting in peace after being held up as holy saints of democracy.

Garcia, Villanueva, Mantilla and the members of Apra (Vilchez, Arana, etc.) with the businessmen Vega Llona and Favre, all of them organizers of the 1985-90 paramilitary squads, and responsible for killing, jailing and torturing militants during the three years of the current government, are free! Toledo, that 'indigenist' who killed everyone he could, almost twenty deaths “in defence of democracy”, and who gave amnesty to the military and paramilitary accused of murder, is free. The higher ranks of the army…are free!

On Friday, October 16th, five members of the “Colina” paramilitary squad were warned that they were going to be captured when they gave their statement to the judge. They had the freedom to go into the court and then leave “to buy a coke" and make their escape.

Enough! Fujimori, the former dictator, has big privileges: a luxurious confinement where he walks outside the special detention centre where he is being kept. While the killers are free, they have all the privileges, while the worker fighters and the poor peasants fighters are hostages of the bloody corrupt regime, who keeps the masses in starvation.

This attack on the working class and the exploited is just one of the offensives of imperialism. US imperialism, disguised as Obama, with the SouthCom and the coupists, kill and kidnap fighters in Honduras, while thousands of anti-imperialist fighters in the Middle East are being kept prisoners in the CIA and Zionist Israel's state jails. US and the “democratic” European imperialist troops are making a real bloodbath in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Ecuador, Correa, the “Bolivarian”, kills workers and poor peasant leaders in the Amazonia, in defence of the transnationals’ interests.

The prisoners in Peru, kept hostage on behalf of the transnationals by their servant regime, are in jail because they fought in defence of the workers and against the imperialist interests. They are the hostages of the regime and imperialism. The regime puts in jail any workers who dare to resist the imperialist attacks. These are the prisoners of imperialism and their junior partners, the national bourgeoisie.

The FLTI calls on workers not to trust in the boss’s justice nor in the institutions of the authoritarian regime, which are at the service of the bosses and imperialism. That trust is infused by the CGTP leadership and the reformist left to prevent unity in action in the streets of the different sectors which have members in jail.

Only the struggle of the masses can free our class brothers in jail. The workers of the Miners Federation have called a 48 hour national strike (October 19th and 20th) to demand the freeing of comrades Condori, Boza and Poma. The fight in the streets, the general strike –which must be taken by the Peruvian workers movement-, the blocking of the highways, the pickets… This is the way to free our comrades! From South Africa to San Francisco, from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo, from USA to Europe, from the ones who fight Zionism and the imperialist troops who kill in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq, we call all the workers organizations of the world to stand up to fight in defence of our class brothers:

Unconditional freedom for Condori, Poma, Bozaand all the ones that are in jail because they dared to resist capitalist imperialism!

Unconditional freedom for all the resistance fighters in the Middle East, the thousands of Palestinian fighters which are in the jails of the Zionist murderer state and the Guantanamo prisoners of Bush and Obama!

We call all the workers organizations, unions, left parties and organizations who fight for human rights to make a wide unity in action. Let’s send protest letters, organize demonstrations in the embassies and consulates of Peru, and organize solidarity strikes for our class brothers.

A year ago a Peruvian miner delegation went to the Latin American and Caribbean Meeting of Workers (ELAC), which was called by CONLUTAS from Brazil, the UNT from Venezuela, the Haiti central union and the Oakland dock workers to support the COB leaders from Bolivia. These same COB leaders at the same time supported the Morales government which made a pact with the fascist Media Luna, the killer of workers and peasants!

But now, imperialism has given a brutal counterrevolutionary blow in Honduras. The leaderships of the workers, allies of the Bolivarian bourgeoisies, have demobilized the working class of the whole American continent. If a year ago they called for a Latin American and Caribbean meeting, why don’t they call now to all the workers organizations who claim to be militant and representatives of the anti-imperialist, anti-war fights, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, to make a continental congress to unite to fight against the coupists with strong class actions (strikes and the calling and preparing of workers brigades to go to fight in Honduras)? What is stopping these organizations, who claim to belong to the working class, to to take militant and anti-imperialist action – like those that shut down the docks in the US west coast against the war on Iraq- from taking the lead in an international campaign to free the Peruvian miner prisoners, and to Free the Guantanamo prisoners, now tortured by Obama, as Bush did before?

Passivity means subordination to the Bolivarian bourgeoisies, to the “democratic fronts”, to the ones that reformism uses to subordinate the working class to their own bourgeoisies and regimes. Enough is enough! Guantanamo hostages, the Palestinian prisoners, the ones of Afghanistan, the mass murders of the African working class, the attacks of the transnationals –like the one of Kraft against the Argentinean working class-, the dismissal of 60 000 workers of the electricity company in Mexico, the planet overflowing with imperialist US military bases- this is the real plan that the exploiters of the world have to make the working class and the exploited of the world pay for their crisis.

As it happened during the counterrevolutionary attack of the Zionist fascist army on Gaza, the world working class and its organisms must rise up. The militant workers of Cosatu in South Africa, the youth and the insurgent masses in Greece, the rebellious youth and the workers who occupied the factories in France, the ones that yesterday set up the march for the million workers against the war in USA, the militant Japanese rebel youth (Zengakuren) and the movement of the revolutionary workers who fight against the new Democrat government of the Japanese imperialist butchers, who are oppressors of China and partners of the US, must be at the head of the combat right now and win in the streets and organize all kinds of actions in defence of the Peruvian fighters.

In Peru, let us build up a coordination organization in defence of all the prisoners of the FTA regime. The most useful organization would be a committee where each workers organization and those of the exploited people who have prisoners, legally accused, etc, have representation. The mass organizations, such as CGTP, the forest poor peasants organizations, such as Aidesep or Conacami, the organizations of coca peasants, etc. must be in the frontline of this struggle and organize joint actions to free the fighters and end all legal processes against them. Let’s not allow a single prisoner more! Let’s not negotiate or sign any agreement as long as they have tens of fighters as hostages!

But without any question, what will get our brothers and sisters out of prison, what will end the persecutions is the complete defeat of our enemies: the bosses, the transnationals and their servant, the Fujimorist FTA regime. This will be made by the methods of the working class, independently and fighting for its own interests, with a mass general strike.Forward!

Liga Trotskista Internacionalista LTI (Peru)

Member of the International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction

Workers International Vanguard League WIVL (South Africa)
Humanists Workers for Revolutionary Socialism HWRS (USA)
Liga Trotskista Internacionalista LTI (Bolivia)
Fração Trotskista FT(Brazil)
Partido Obrero Internacionalista-Cuarta Internacional POI-CI (Chile)
Communist Workers Group CWG (New Zealand)
Liga Obrera Internacionalista-Cuarta Internacional LOI-CI (Argentina)

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