Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Uranium Dirty Bomb" fabrication against the FARC

This is a slightly edited post from MARXMAIL that attacks the US attempt
to implicate Chavez in providing 'uranium' to the FARC for a "dirty bomb"
on the basis of 'files' found on the computer of Raul Reyes.


There is NO forensic examination that can determine that files were not
added after a certain date. Both the BIOS and OS clocks are user-settable.
Add ALL the files you want, setting the date for when you want them to
have appeared, erase recently used file lists and so on, defrag the drive
to change the physical layout and voila, there's nothing to show any files
were added.

If the CIA agents who organized the attack on Ecuador and have
orchestrated the release of the alleged FARC computer material are in
the tiniest bit competent, there would have been nothing for Interpol
to find.

Even worse, much of the alleged material wasn't even supposedly found
on the computer, but on alleged "thumb drives." You can put a file on a
thumb drive claiming to have been put there ten years ago, before the
damn things even existed.

The whole story about computers in a jungle camp is hokey as shit. Had
such computers REALLY been found, the FIRST thing the Colombian
authorities would have done is establish a completely transparent and
verifiable chain of evidence in the handling of the machines. The failure
to do this makes the computers worthless as evidence in any REAL
court of law on the planet.

So blatant was the disregard that even the imperialist agent at the head
of Interpol was forced to confess that this made Interpol's avowal

"Mr. Noble told reporters in Bogotá that Interpol could not vouch for the
accuracy of the files. He added that a Colombian antiterrorism unit
accessed the seized files in the days after the March 1 raid, in a
violation of internationally recognized rules on handling electronic
evidence, but that Interpol?s experts verified that the action had
not altered the content of the archives."

But the REASON for the "internationally recognized rules on handling
of electronic evidence" is PRECISELY that tampering can be done
without detection.

That is WHY the Uranium hoax is so telling.

First, the idea that the FARC would have any interest in or use for a
"dirty bomb" is ridiculous.

Second, even the IDEA that such a bomb COULD BE BUILT using
artisan methods and improvised tools is absurd. To build it you need
to combine a good quantity of highly radioactive isotopes with
conventional explosives.
The POINT of a dirty bomb is that it will kill or seriously sicken people
closely exposed to even a small part of the radioactive isotopes that
are scattered by the conventional explosive. But ... what happens to
the person or people who assembled the thing, and thereby exposed
themselves not to a tiny fraction of the radioactive payload, but the
entire mass of it?

Third, even granting the absurdities that the FARC had some possible
use for a dirty bomb, and that such a thing could even be built outside
a nuclear weapons laboratory, URANIUM isn't by ANY stretch of the
imagination a suitable radioactive substance. AND EVERYONE who
takes the slightest interest in the matter KNOWS THIS, because it is the
first thing you hit when you google "dirty bomb uranium," thanks to the
benighted imbeciles at the department of justice whose torturers
extracted from Jose Padilla a confession that he was going to make
such a bomb, leading to John Ashcroft immediately calling a press
conference --from Moscow, if I remember right!-- to assure the
American people that he had saved them from the equivalent of an
invasion by flying monkeys.

And that is why Padilla was never brought to court charged with the
terrorist plot he confessed to. They fucked him up so bad that he'd have
confessed to being in league with little green men from Mars who every
night deflowered and disemboweled white Christian virgins in al Qaida
orgies presided in person by Satan himself. In even the mockery that
passes for a court of justice in the United States, Padilla's confession
was incontrovertible evidence of crimes against humanity ... by the
government. So instead they tried him for having bad thoughts while
making phone calls. I think that was the substance of the "conspiracy."

WHY is "Uranium" said to be the radioactive component of dirty bomb
projects? Because in the public mind it is linked with the dangers of
radioactivity, nuclear bombs and the rest of it. Ask people what Cobalt is
and chances are they'll tell you it's a Chevy. Since "dirty bombs" are
weapons of mass psychological terror wielded by imperialism and its
stooges, and not real devices at all, it matters little that Uranium wouldn't
work in an actual device and something like Cobalt 60, which is produced
in large quantities for industrial and medical purposes, might. This is
strictly, solely, purely, exclusively, 100% lying bullshit propaganda.

Finally, the Colombian government's charade of "finding" 100 pounds of
Uranium buried in plastic garbage bags was the straw that broke the
camel's back on the FARC's "dirty bomb" scam, because it was DEPLETED
Uranium that was found. THAT stuff is used for things like building
shielding AGAINST radiation. And something that hitherto was unsuspected
was discovered thereby: there actually is a limit to how much government
bullshit the Colombian media will regurgitate. Caracol TV called a professor
of physics from a local university and put him on the air to explain, albeit
it in not too accessible scientific terms, that this threat was on a par with
saying the FARC was collecting broomsticks to build an air force of witches.

BUT FOR US, the GREAT convenience of the FARC's dirty bomb police
fabrication is that we don't have to take Hugo Chavez's word for it that
the Colombian government is lying, we don't have to take Ecuadorean
President Rafael Correa's word for it, we don't need to believe the FARC
if it says these things are fabrications: the Colombian cops THEMSELVES,
with this preposterous tall tale of dirty bombs made from depleted uranium,
have given us the equivalent of an affidavit signed in blood swearing upon
their children's heads that THEY MADE THIS STUFF UP, it isn't true, it's all

Now comes the Noble head of Interpol, and tell us a) there's no way they
can vouch for the material because b) the Colombian authorities decided
to violate international norms for handling this kind of evidence but c)
NEVERTHELESS we tell you no files have been altered.

THAT is a POLITICAL attack by an agent of American imperialism whose
experts and binding rules TOLD HIM the Columbian "evidence" was
garbage, compromised and contaminated beyond any hope of redemption,
but nevertheless insisted on going to bat for the neocon cabal that is so
desperate that it's even considering pulling the trigger on classifying
Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism, using the Colombian
fabrications as "evidence," without bothering to note that in this particular
case, the economic sanctions that would be invoked would mean that
Venezuela would have to get along without Coca Cola and the U.S.
without 10-15% of its crude oil.

And it is much, much easier to smuggle a truckload of coke syrup than
it is a supertanker full of oil.

The TIMING of the attack was transparent: it was meant to disrupt the
summit between the European Union, Latin American and the Caribbean
held the next day in Lima. And thus the real provenance of the attack
ALSO becomes clearer: this was a U.S.-inspired stink bomb aiming at
preventing Latin American countries from taking advantage of the
inter-imperialist contradictions between Europe and the United States.

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