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Release the Las Heras prisoners and all political prisoners!

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Statement of the relatives of the prisoners of Las Heras for the formation of a National Commission for the immediate freedom of all political prisoners

Las Heras, 02-05-2008

We, the relatives of the Las Heras prisoners, namely the families
Catrihuala, Perez, González, Bilbao, Cortes and Rosales, call for the formation of an urgent National Commission for the immediate release of the political prisoners of Las Heras, Jose Villalba, and the dropping of all charges against all the worker militants, the return of Julio Lopez alive, and the formation of workers and peoples courts to judge the killers of Fuentealba and all those responsible for the imprisonment of members of our families, such as the Judge Ruata de Leone, servant of the government.

We call for the formation of this National Commision by all the militant workers' and students' organisations, as well as all Human Rights organisations and the parties of left that claim to represent the working class.

The families say we have had more than enough! We will no to longer tolérate the detention of those who fight for to living wage as if they were murderers!

They have been locked up for over two years still without charge and continue suffering this unjust treatment at the hands of the government and the employers. They are beaten and tortured every day in the jail to make them submit. They suffer terrible humiliations by the police whenever we visit them. None of us can sleep after our experience of the persecution and repression that the government has subjected us to, and we do not want any more humiliation!

Currently, our family members Darío Catrihuala, Hugo González and Jose Rosales are detained in jail in the locality of Pi­co Trun­ca­do, while Juan Pablo Bilbao is being detained in jail in the locality of Ca­le­ta Oli­via and Ramon Cortés and Alexis Perez are in the jail of Puer­to De­sea­do, province of Santa Cruz.

Ten times enough! Now is the time to confront this government that not only deprives us of food but squanders millions of dollars and leaves us to pay for our lawyers out of our wages. The hour has come to mobilise to free the political prisoners. For two years we have been fighting alone struggling to find the money to pay the lawyers. We do not want to fight alone! That is why we must urgently organise our forces to fight for this National Commission.

For all those that they want to contribute to a resistance fund of the relatives of Las Heras, we have set up a provisional account in the National Bank of Las Heras, Province of Santa Cruz, savings bank number 3280235498 or CBU 01103289-30032802354983 in the name of the account holder Franco Andrés Catrihuala.

Also we have this email address so you can communicated with us:

Violet Gomez, mother of Alexis Perez

Cynthia Perez, wife of Juan Pablo Bilbao

and sister of Alexis Perez

Franco Catrihuala, brother of Darío

Francisco Catrihuala, father of Darío

Dora San Martin, mother of Darío Catrihuala

Mariela Catrihuala, sister of Darío

Ingrid Saldivia, wife of Darío Catrihuala

Silvana Choiman, wife of Ramon Cortes

Ursula Llancao, sister of Jose Rosales

Jose Haro, brother-in-law of Jose Rosales

Raquel Valencia, partner of González

Estela Ampuero, mother of Juan Pablo Bilbao

Signatories to this declaration:

Brukman workers: Celia Martinez, Juan Carlos Righini, Delicia, Amalia, Rose, Miguel Stems, Liliana Cárdenas, Liliana Torales, Hugo Ramos, Zenón Jiménez, Elisa Diaz - UOM: Alberto Piccinini (Assistant Secretary UOM of Villa Constitution); Juan Actis (Organising Secretary of UOMRA, Secc. V.Constitución); Ramon Godoy; Norbeto Lopez; Carlos Vásquez; C. Vargas; R. Lezcano; Héctor Martinez; Carlos Avila, various delegates andmore signatories of workers - Junta Interna ATE INTI - Comisión Interna de Paty: - [Internal Commission of Paty]: David Soria and Hugo Costilla - Hospital Francés [French hospital]: Workers Assembly on 15th May (Approved unanimously); David Garuti, general delgate of the Internal Commission; Victor Garay, delegate of the Internal Commission; Cóceres, delegate; Alejandra Galván; Hugo Verón; Juan C. Domínguez; Cristian Acevedo, Graciela Amber; Hugo Cabrera; Maria Bjerring; Nélida Banggio; Mónica Arena; Joaquin Ruiz; Viviana Gueren; Estela Silva; Victor Iñiguez; Matías Torren (Antidote Group) and other workers signatures - FUTRADEyO: Jose Villalba, detained in prison - United Front of Employed and Unemployed WorkersCasino of Buenos Aires: Hernán Lopatka, delegate (disappeared and defendants); Leonardo Bonani, Gastón Platkowski (delegates of disappeared); Rodrigo Fernandez, Ana Luque, Alexander Cohen, Viviana Larroble, Erika Penjerek, Cristina Valenzuela, René Manente, Federico Garcia (dissappeared) and more workers signatures - Estela Medina; Liliana Debellis; Ana Maria Renzo, Mothers of Workers of the Casino - Garrahan hospital: S. Pereyra, delegate - Workers of Maffisa: Hernán Garcia (internal commission), Victor Carrillo, Pablo Domínguez, Marcos Vargas, Miguel A. Benítez, Marianela Flores (Commission of Women of Maffisa) and more workers signatures - Judicial: Pichi Graciano, Legal Delegate (Villa Constitution) - AGD - GRAPE: Fabiola Ferro - Miguel Etchegoyen, teacher CBC- CUM (UBA)Protected factories (GCBA): Humberto Herrera, Odón Firego (teacher and assistant psychiatric nurse), Lucas Centurión, Marcelo Piccinini, Hospital Embroiders: Adolph Méndez - Noemí Reyes health worker of Hospital San Martin (La Plata) - FUBA: Cristian Henkel, president - Philosophy and Letters (GRAPE): Federico Castaglet, president Center of Students of FFyL), Lucia Hellin (mst), Pelloni - Yann Crystal (Directive Advisor FFyL GRAPE), Gonzalo Martinez (militant prosecuted on the 4th of November 2005 - USG FFyL), Silvina Ponce, Claudia Sanchez, Flax Dew, Ezequiel Vila, Carolina Cobelo, Victory Garci'a, Maria Victoria Esperón; Leandro Palaces, Laura Genta, Maria Oak grove (workers advocates CEFYL) and dwells signatures of students - Gustavo Arce, Sebastián Bruno (Reason and Revolution) - Center of Students of Sociology (CECSO-UBA): Santiago González, president CECSO - Center of Students of Psychology (UBA): Alexander Go'mez, president - Center of Students of the Teaching staff Joaquin V. González: Darío Molinari, Gabriela - UNLP: Mateo Garcia Silva, Chair of Libre Pensar-Actuar-Latinoamérica (UNLP), Maria Tiscornia, Andrea Rodriguez (sociology students), Natalia Aguilar and dwells signatures of students of the UNLP - Marcelo Cruciani, Multiorganizations of San Cristóbal - Children of La Plata: Emiliano Hueravilo, of the disappeared, Pablo Balut, of the disappeared - Association of Detained and Disappeared: Nilda Eloy - Center of Human rights of Zaragoza[La Plata): Patricio Vértiz, Francisco Vértiz - Luis Zamora, lawyer for Self-determination and Freedom; Gerald Romagnoli, Deputy of the City of Buenso Airies, of Self-determination and Freedom; CADHU: Marcelo Parrilli; Luis Orellana; Raquel Coronel; Enrique Pope - - Laboralistas de Izquierda (A.L.I): Leonardo Sinistri - Carlos “Perro” Santillán, TUPAJ KATARY - Néstor Gomez, Frente de Unidad Barrial de Desocupados y Ocupados,, FUBADEyO - Internal commission of EMFER: Rafael Artiguez - Liga Socialista Revolucionaria – Democracia Obrera - Jose Castillo, UBA Izquierda Socialista - Alexander Torres, Mst, Ariel Orbuch, MAS La Plata and further signatures…

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