Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Maruti Struggle: Only an International Perspective May Lead to Victory!

- Rajesh Tyagi/ 21.3.2017

What cannot be termed anything except the travesty of justice, 13 of the Maruti Workers in Manesar plant of Maruti have been condemned to life imprisonment while 18 others for lesser terms inside the Jail.

The matter relates to a management provoked brawl inside the Manesar plant of Maruti, where a mercenary army of bouncers was let loose upon the workers after they raised their voice against physical abuse of the workers who dared to protest the sweatshop conditions inside the plant.

The sentences have been passed at the end of a show trial in which prosecution failed miserably to adduce any cogent evidence against any of the accused worker in support of its bald allegations of assault, rioting and arson.

The capitalist establishment, however bent upon to doubly assure the foreign investors that the tyrannical regime it oversees, is ready to crush the workers at the drop of a hat, has imposed harshest sentences upon the workers.

In passing the sentences, the Court has overlooked its own finding that there were conscious attempts by the prosecution to manufacture evidence and frame up the workers through it.

The assault upon Maruti workers is part of the worldwide attacks of capital upon the working class. In the times of crisis, the endeavor of capitalists to arrest the falling rates of profits is resulting into a markedly violent drive towards repression of the working class in all countries. Core sectors of production like the automobile manufacturing, worst hit in the crisis, are witness to more and more such reprisals.

Workers of Maruti plant in Manesar, an automobile manufacturing hub of Asia, who had been pioneering the struggle against the onslaught of capitalist loot and exploitation, have been targeted by the corporate-state combine. This corporate-state assault on Maruti workers', is however integral to a far wider, worldwide, attack of capital against the international working class.

The left parties and the trade union federations under them, having sectarian, nationalist perspective, have assisted the corporates and the capitalist state by isolating the struggle of Maruti workers within narrow confines and have immensely contributed to this disarming of the workers in face of the united assault of multinational capital and the governments. Despite of their following in the Manesar-Dharuhera industrial belt and over the country in multi-millions, these trade unions and their bosses did never make appeal to the workers around to rise in class solidarity against the cruel neo-liberal regime of capital and its brutal enforcement by the big-business governments. Instead they consciously have subordinated the working class to the yoke of capital, preaching them to petition and appeal to the leaders, parties, courts and authorities of the elite establishment. These leaders have opposed any and all attempts of the working class at its own independent class mobilization.

Through this policy, these leaders have served capitalism by keeping the working class bound hand and foot before rapacious exploitation and loot of the capitalists, in the last whole century.

If working class has to succeed, it has to break off first from these false leaders, the thugs employed by capitalists. Instead, workers must appeal to their class brethren the world over for class solidarity. The movement must change its praxis. It must reject consciously all reactionary manifestations, be they local or national, in favour of an international perspective.

Pitiable appeals to the corporate, its representatives or to the state and authorities would only fall on the deaf ears and won’t make even a leaf to move. Only a united international assault of the workers upon the capital would usher into victory of the workers over the capital.

Workers all over the globe are facing the same loot and violence from the capital. The appeals of oppressed workers of Maruti would sure find their echo in class solidarity of workers across the globe.

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