Thursday, November 20, 2014

Burn the National Flag!


At the time when NZ is about to signup to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) The NACT regime tries to cover NZ’s naked neo-colonial dependence on the US and China with a new flag. Key says NZ is no longer dependent on the UK or Australia. His ideal solution is a black flag with a silver fern to represent NZ’s national independence.


This flag stands for NZ’s independence by drawing on NZ’s success as a sporting nation. Yet even that is a lie. The All Blacks are sponsored by Adidas and AIG, German and US based MNCs. The silver fern is the new fig leaf masking NZ’s re-colonisation. Here is a national flag that would express NZ’s current neo-colonial status well.


The socialist group ‘Socialist Aotearoa’ wants a red flag that represents socialism and Tinorangatiratanga. We sympathise, but before we can raise a socialist flag for a socialist Aotearoa, we have to overthrow the capitalist state that promotes the ideology of nationalism. 

Workers have no country! For us, all national flags must be burned and replaced by the red flag of international communism. Only then will our flag represent a socialist republic as part of the socialist united states of the world. 

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Anonymous said...

A flag is a visual representation of a con. The con that workers and bosses are all members of whatever country. So who owns the country again? Not the workers!
Changing a flag would presumably be tied to some change in the material reality of the country. Key wants the flag to change because the crown is not relevant to NZ. He's right. But as socialists the change we want is not to watch our bosses change, but to get rid of them altogether. So yes, let's have a red flag, but let's do that as part of a revolution, not a corporate rebranding!