Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revolutionary Greetings from CWG (Aotearoa/New Zealand) on International Workers Day 2013!

Victory to the Syrian Revolution!


Revolutionary Greetings, 

Since 2008 we have witnessed the deepening of the current crisis of capitalism from a global recession to a global depression. Capitalism is approaching its final crisis. All that is required is for the world proletariat to stand up and push it over. 

In its desperation, capitalism is cannibalising its working class and its raw materials, provoking an intense crisis of destruction of humanity and nature. Not only is the immiseration of the proletariat provoking uprisings from MENA to sub-Saharan Africa to China and Latin America, the labor aristocracy in the imperialist countries is being driven into the ground. 

The result is the heightening of the class contradiction has reached explosive potential, only dissipated in numerous disconnected uprisings suppressed or contained by pro-imperialist regimes from South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Venezuela, because they are not yet united and mobilised into an international revolutionary movement. 

In the imperialist countries, the spontaneous uprisings of the indignados, of Occupy, and of left-wing parliamentary tendencies such as Syriza, have proven incapable of meeting the challenge of revolutionary leadership. The crisis has thrown up neo-fascist elements that threaten to smash the new layers of militants before they can be organised into a force capable of mobilising working class struggle on the streets and workplaces.

The so-called revolutionary left of all colors from pink/brown national reformers, Bolivarians, Greens Anarchists and fake Trotskyists, are all feinting left and posing as revolutionary saviours of the working class. They are all traitors in the ranks of the class singing the siren songs of the popular front.  The most dangerous and deceptive are those now organised behind the Bolivarians that unite fake Trotskyists with Castroists and Chavistas in a global popular front with Chinese imperialism. 

Comrades, we must dedicate 2013 to our urgent struggles to build a principled new communist international that exposes and destroys all these left wings agents of the popular front from Southern Africa to North America to China and unblocks the road to revolution. The objective conditions for the smashing of capitalism and the building of socialism exist; all that is needed is an organised revolutionary working class to do the smashing. For that we need a new revolutionary Leninist/Trotskyist International!

Forward to the New World Party of Socialist Revolution!
For the working class to survive capitalism must die!

May 1st Communist Workers’ Group (Aotearoa/New Zealand) member of Liaison Committee of Communists http://www.redrave.blogspot.com
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