Friday, December 14, 2012


A young comrade of the RKOB of Austria has been charged with ‘sedition’ for making a speech in support of Palestinian liberation and against the “apartheid” state of Israel at a recent demonstration in Vienna against the Israeli bombing of Gaza. We quote from the RKOB statement.

“20-year old Palestine Solidarity Activist and RKOB spokesperson Johannes Wiener has been accused of „sedition” and must appear soon at the “Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism” in Vienna (this is the long name for the Secret Police in Austria). His crime: He held a speech in solidarity with the Palestine Resistance at a mass rally on 16.11.2012 during the recent Gaza War. As a result comrade Wiener faces the threat of up to two years in prison. His militant speech has caused some public attention and was already viewed 6.500 times since then. It has been published as a video both on the RKOB website as well as of the bourgeois daily paper HEUTE. (1)”

The Liaison Committee of Communists condemns the actions of the Austrian imperialist bourgeois state in suppressing the democratic right of freedom of speech!

We condemn the actions of pro-Israel, pro-Zionist political groups in actively campaigning for the suppression of freedom of speech.

We declare our solidarity with the RKOB in a united front on the demand: “Palestine shall be free, from the River to the Sea!”

Communist Workers’ Group (USA)
Revolutionary Workers’ Group (Zimbabwe)
Communist Workers’ Group (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

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