Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stop the Genocide of the Palestinian People of Gaza

Urgent call by the Leninist Trotskyist Fraction to workers’ organizations worldwide

The new and ferocious attack by the genocidal state of Israel, the police for imperialism in the Middle East, is carried out with the complicity of the bourgeoisie Palestinian Fatah that has become the jailers of its own people. On Wednesday, 23 January, the heroic Palestinian masses of the Gaza Strip after weeks without electricity, water, food or medicine, broke down the border wall at Rafah and re-united with their class brothers and sisters in Egypt. On February 3, Mubarak made a pact with Hamas to use the army to close the border. On Monday February 4, the Egyptian army attacked the Palestinian masses leaving two dead and dozens wounded. It is clear that Hamas is just another bourgeois faction that attempts to control the Palestinian masses in Gaza, hoping that imperialism and the Zionist state will pay them to be the jailers in Gaza just as Fatah are their jailers on the West Bank.

Fatah and Hamas are factions of the national bourgeoisie of the Middle East. They are the agents and junior partners of imperialism, who repress and starve their own people, strangle the resistance of the Palestinian people. They made pacts with the Zionist state even while workers & peasants of southern Lebanon and Palestinian masses were defeating them. They back the Anglo/US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

They are also the partners of the Syrian and Iranian bourgeoisie that starves and represses their workers and peasants. They are the partners of the puppet regime in the imperialist protectorate of Iraq.

They collaborate with Egyptian bourgeoisie, which helps Israel to control the southern and western borders of the Gaza Strip, and of the Jordanian bourgeoisie headed by King Hussein which was responsible for the brutal 1970 ‘Black September’ massacre of the Palestinian people in the camps on the right bank of the Jordan river.

In Lebanon, the Hezbollah faction of the bourgeoisie led by Sheikh Nasrallah has made a pact with the Siniora government and agreed to the occupation of the south by imperialist UN troops that protect Israel’s border. Hezbollah collaborates with Fatah and Hamas to isolate and prevent a united struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionist state of Israel.

The native bourgeoisies, minor partners of imperialism, act in the imerialist interests to exploit the working classes. They negotiate with imperialism for their slice of the profits, but always join forces with imperialism to crush any workers anti-imperialist and revolutionary struggle.

For us, the liberation of the Palestine people must begin with a total break from the bourgeoisie, and their imperialist and Zionist masters, and with a united struggle of the oppressed and exploited people throughout the region, from Egypt, to Afghanistan. The road to this liberation has been opened by the heroic Palestinian masses of the Gaza Strip tearing down the walls and calling on their class brothers and sisters to come to their aid.

The new martyrdom of the Palestinian people exposes yet again, the fate of the workers and masses everywhere at the hands of the leaders of the "Bolivarian revolution" such as Chavez and Fidel Castro, Fatah, Hamas, Hizbollah, and Ahmadinejad. The treacherous World Social Forum sings the praises of Hezbollah, appeals to Spanish imperialism that supports Israel, to send humanitarian aid to Gaza, and begs all the imperialist power to lift its embargoes against Hamas. Defeat the politics of the World Social Forum that betrays the exploited working class to the bourgeoisie in the Middle East and throughout the world!

This is the same World Social Forum that diverted the workers opposition to the war, for the rights of migrant workers etc, into campaigns to vote for the imperialist Democratic Party. Both Hillary Clinton and Obama refused to lead opposition to Bush, and voted for funds to continue with the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the brutal attack on the workers in the United States.

In the European powers, the Social Democrats and Stalinists compete, along with the imperialist bourgeoisie, directly to Al Fatah, to pact with Bush and the Zionist state and ensure the imposition of apartheid on the Palestinian people. These same forces, together with other traitorous leaders including the reformist currents of the World Social Forum, which is imposed in France, Italy, Germany and other European powers, have made social pacts to contain and stop the struggle of the proletariat of those countries that began to respond before the brutal attack by the imperialist bourgeoisie.

These are the same forces that in Latin America, with Chavez’ and Castro’s reformist bureaucracy at the head, have mis-lead the revolutionary and anti-imperialist struggle of the masses. These mis-leaders have put the working class, country by country, at the foot of the bourgeois regimes and governments. The "Bolivarian revolution" has today deepened a fierce attack on the masses, redoubling their suffering, overexploitation and the plunder of the nations of the South American subcontinent.

  • Down with the pact between Bush and Olmert with Fatah. This betrays the heroic liberation struggle of the Palestinians!
  • Down with Hamas pact with Mubarak to return the Palestinian masses to the concentration camp of the Gaza Strip!
  • One working class; one revolutionary struggle throughout the Middle East!
  • Tear down the Walls! The road forward is the one taken by the heroic Palestinian masses of Gaza: we must tear down all the walls put up by imperialism, the Zionist state and national bourgeoisies and unite the proletariat of the Middle East region!
  • For the Destruction of the Zionist state of Israel! Make the Middle East the grave of imperialism and Zionism!
  • For a secular, democratic and non-racist state of Palestine under an armed Workers and Peasants Government!
  • For the defeat of imperialist troops in Iraq and Afghanistan! Long live the heroic struggle of the working masses against the Anglo/US invader!
  • For a Federation of Workers and Peasants’ Socialist Republics of the Middle East!
  • End the plunder, oppression and massacres of imperialism and their national bourgeois junior partners!
  • Workers of the world take to the streets to support the Palestinian people!

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