Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stop the war of destruction against the Palestinians and the Arab masses of Lebanon

Emergency call to the workers and oppressed of the North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific

For the defeat of the armies of Olmert and Bush, in Palestine and Iraq!
Stop the UN, NATO and the puppet Lebanese government that are preparing to destroy the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon!

The 28 of June, the military of Olmert armed by Bush began its brutal military assault against the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip. Two weeks later, it widened the offensive to attack the hundreds of thousands of oppressed Palestinian families who have been concentrated in refugee camps in the south of Lebanon since they were expelled from their nation by the Zionists. Since then, the Zionist army has systematically bombed the Southern zone of Beirut, where Palestinian workers and their families live alongside millions of exploited Arab workers, and has continued to bomb the south of Lebanon, killing hundreds and destroying the infrastructure.

This barbaric Zionist slaughter is no accident. It is an act of vengeance against the Palestinian resistance of the South of Lebanon which in May 2000 began the heroic Palestine revolution. Workers and peasants rose up, disarmed the fascist militias of the Lebanese Maronite-Christian bourgeoisie – the allies of Zionism. They formed workers and peasants militias which drove the Israeli army out of occupied Lebanon. This action opened the heroic revolution of September 2000 in which the oppressed Palestinian workers in historical Palestine confronted Arafat and the collaborationist PLO bourgeoisie, disarming its police and forming their own workers and peasants militias.

The Zionist-Fascist state of Israel, the gendarme of imperialism in the Middle East, wants to finally end the Palestinian question

But it is not enough that the Palestinian masses uprising was defeated by the Israel military in a savage repression in 2002, and that they are now confined in concentration camps in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Because in those camps the workers and peasants are subjected to savage treatment and the resistance continues to grow. Now that indomitable resistance threatens to rise up and spread to the whole Middle East.

The Zionists and their US allies greatest fear is that this resistance will join forces with Hizbollah and the half million Palestinians in the Lebanese camps and threaten not only the Zionist state, but also the newly formed US client regime in Lebanon. Therefore, this war of destruction against the Palestinian people is intended to eliminate the last remaining forces of the Palestine revolution that began in 2000, that is to say, in the only place where the surviving armed Palestinian masses exist - the south of Lebanon. That is the Zionist objective in bombing Lebanon, its people, its infrastructure, its ports and highways.

The victory of the Zionist-imperialistic war against the Palestinian people would leave Lebanon divided and carved up between the imperialist powers and their Zionist gendarme, or transformed into an imperialist protectorate of the UN and NATO – like Bosnia and Kosovo in the Balkans - as a giant concentration camp for half-a-million oppresssed Palestinian workers. For that reason the Lebanese government maintains its army in its barracks, untouched by the Zionist attack so if the Palestinian masses are defeated, it can play the role of “gurka” in the Lebanese protectorate. Thus, the fate of the Lebanese people is indissolubly bound up with the fate of the suffering Palestinian people. Only with the victory of the Palestinian people and the destruction of the Zionist-facist state of Israel, and the defeat of the reactionary Lebanese government and the dismantling of its army by the masses, will the Lebanese nation have a future.

It is clear that there are two opposing trenches in this war of destruction: one is in the trench of the Palestinian people, fighting against for its victory, and for the defeat of the Israelí army and the destruction of the Zionist-facist state of Israel; the other is the trench of the imperialistic powers, the state of Israel and the Arab bourgeoisies who are their junior partners.

Stop the war of destruction against the Palestine people! We can win by arming the masses of Syria, Iran, Jordan and the Middle East, rising up to fight in Southern Lebanon and historical Palestine, so that the Middle East is turned into the tomb of the imperialist and Israeli butchers.

For a proletarian war plan to win the war for the Palestinian people and the masses of the Middle East against the Zionist-imperialist attack

Millions of oppressed workers of the nations of the Middle East struggle to take up arms against Zionism and imperialism in support of the Palestinian people. The national bourgeoisies that are aligned directly with imperialism ferociously repress the mobilizations of their own people, like in Egypt and Jordan. The Syrian and Iranian bourgeoisies have declared their “neutrality”. We must break through this barrier to allow the workers and the oppressed in the region to enter the combat! The workers', peasants, students and anti-imperialist organisations of Syria, of Iran, of Jordan and the Middle East, must form workers’ and peoples’ brigades to go to Lebanon and Palestine to fight against the Zionist state!

Against this war of destruction against the Palestinian people, the first task of the workers and oppressed of the world, is to fight for the military defeat of the army of Olmert and Bush, and for the military victory of the Palestinian masses and of Hizbollah and their allies against the Zionist-fascist state of Israel, and to throw out the imperialist bandits of the UN and NATO who as “peacekeepers” will be the jailers of the enslaved Palestinian and Lebanese people.

  • All the workers, peasants, students and anti-imperialist organizations must recognize that Hizbollah and the other forces that fight the Zionist-fascist state are armies in the Palestinian struggle and the heroic Iraqi resistance, and to demand the shipment of arms, equipment, foods and medicines to them.
  • It is an urgent task of the world working class, and the duty of the workers of the United States, France and the other imperialistic powers, to strike, boycott, picket and mobilize to stop all shipment of arms and equipment destined for Israel and the Anglo-US troops in Iraq.
  • Immediate freedom for more than 10,000 Palestinian workers, women and children who the Zionist-fascist state of Israel keeps locked in jails as hostages!

The revolutionaries are in the trench with Hizbollah and all the forces that fight the Zionist-imperialistic attack

We fight for the military victory of Hizbollah and the defeat of the Israel army. We unconditionally support the right of the Palestinian people to defend with all the arms and means at its disposal since it is fighting for its existence. At the same time, we do not support any political program of the bourgeois leadership of the anti-Zionist and anti-imperialsit leadership. We fight to win the leadership of the war for the proletariat, the only class that can carry through to the end the anti-imperialist struggle of the masses and transform Palestine, Iraq and thel Middle East into a new Vietnam and the tomb of the Zionist army and all the imperialist troops.

Unfortunately, while the Zionist forces bomb and massacre the Palestinians, Hizbollah refuses to arm the Palestinians in the south of the Lebanon, in the same way that Hamas and El Fatah refuses to arm them in historical Palestine. Hizbollah does not call for the overthrow of the pro-imperialistic and pro-Zionist government of national unity in Lebanon, headed by prime minister Fuad Siniora. It does not call for the Lebanese masses to march to the barracks and disarm the Lebanese army that serves imperialism and Zionism, nor to arm themselves and to put themselves under the military command of the Palestine resistance. It does not call on Syria and Iran to use its troops to defeat the Zionist-imperialistic attack. It does not call on the Iraqi resistance and the masses of Middle East to rise up and fight against imperialism and Zionism, and to attack its property and interests in the region.

It is necessary to fight for the proletarian leadership of to war

The war can only be won by arming all the Palestinians in the south of Lebanon, and the Lebanese workers that want to fight the Zionists and their ally the pro-imperialistic Lebanese government. While the bourgeois and the rich middle-class of the Lebanon want the Palestinians defeated, and remain largely untouched by the bombing, many of the workers and oppressed people of Lebanon whose houses have been bombed and destroyed have joined the Palestinian resstance in the camps in the south, asking for weapons to fight the Israeli attacks. Even the imperialistic press has had to acknowledge that for every Palestinian combatant who has fallen in battle, ten Palestinians and Lebanese rise up in their place.

  • In order to win to war, then, it is necessary to form workers and peasants militias, and to call on the masses to march on the barracks of the Lebanese army and to take them by force.
  • It is necessary to call on the rank and file soldiers to mutiny, to dismiss the officers, to disarm them, and to form soldiers committees which ensure that the arms are distributed into the hands of the workers and peasants militias.
  • It is necessary to arm all the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, creating workers and peasants militias, coordinated and centralized with their brothers and sisters of Lebanon! It is necessary to call on the Palestinian masses of Jordan to rise and join the war, removing the servile monarchy which is the ally of Bush and Olmert.
  • It is necessary to strike where it more hurts the enemy most: its property and its profits, by expropriating without compensation and under workers control, all the properties and interests of the Zionists and US imperialism and all the imperialist powers in Lebanon.

To win the war we must call on the oppressed Shiite masses of Iraq to break with their collaborationist bourgeoisie and and join the resistance against the imperialist troops

That is the best way to stop the destruction of the Palestinian resistance! If the Shiite masses of Iraq are added to the resistance, the collaborationist government of the protectorate would fall. Breaking with their bourgeois leaders, the Shiite workers and oppressed could declare that Iraq, the south of the Lebanon and historical Palestine, are three fronts in the same battle in a single war against imperialism and its Zionist gendarme. The main command of the Zionist attack in the hands of Bush and Condoleeza Rice would quickly collapse without the collaboration of the Shiite bourgeoisie propping up the the “Iraqi government”.

It is necessary to call on the working class and the oppressed of Syria and Iran to break all subordination to those cowardly bourgeoisies that allow the massacre of the Palestinian masses to continue, arming the masses and creating workers and peasants militias. We have to call on all the workers of the Middle East to break all subordination to their bourgeoisies, to strike to paralyze the oil fields, refineries and oil pipelines in the region. We have to unite all the forces into one anti-imperialist fight against the Zionist-facist state of Israel, to defeat the “oil wars” of imperialism, its Zionist gendarme, and their junior partners, the national bourgeoisies.

Revolution or counterrevolution – the historical alternative for the worlds workers

Imperialism can only keep its Zionist gendarme and impose a counter-revolutionary Iraqi protectorate by making a fascist attack on the Palestinian and Arab masses. The suffering Palestinians can only win this war and their historical liberation, by beaking all political ties to the bourgeoisie, and transforming the war against the Zionist state and imperialism into the struggle for a workers and peasants revolution in Palestine, Lebanon and the whole Middle East.

Only with the victory of the workers and peasants revolution in the Middle East will it be able to destroy the Zionist-fascist state of Israel and create a secular, democratic and non-racist Palestinian state, based on a workers and peasants’ government of the armed, independent Palestinian masses. Only in this way can the working class and the oppressed of the region advance towards a Federation of Worker-Peasant Republics of the Middle East, the only road to end the oppression, super-exploitation, plunder, wars and massacres of imperialism and its junior partners the national bourgeoisies.

If the counter revolutionary war against the Palestinian people is victorious, US imperialism will be strengthened to smash the Iraqi resistance and to advance its war plans against Iran. It will be be able to redouble its offensive in Latin America, and to revive its attacks against its own working class. That is why the war in the Middle East can strongly influence the fate of the Iraqi resistance, of Iran, and the world working class. For that reason, the struggle of the Palestinians, the Iraqi masses and of the wider masses of the Middle East, is a fight that the world proletariat must take up as its own fight.

The key to the victory of the Palestinian masses, and those of Iraq and the whole Middle East, is in the hands of the proletariat in the imperialistic countries. Most important, there is the US working class that has re-emerged onto the stage of history with its struggle against the war in Iraq, its support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and most critically, the militant struggle of millions of Latin American migrant workers against the the slave labour traffic.

Down with Bush! For generalised strike action to defeat the Israeli troops in Palestine and Lebanon, the US troops in Iraq, and to destroy the Zionist-fascist State of Israel

Entering this struggle, the North American working class could quickly form a united front with the Palestinian masses who today are being killed in this war of destruction. Taking a clear class and internationalist stand it would decisively strengthen the capacity of the Palestinian masses, and that of all the Middle East, to break all subordination to their own bourgeoisies, and to put the proletariat in the leadership of the war against the Zionist state and against the Yankee troops who occupy Iraq.

The heroic French youth rebelled last November. Like their Palestinian brothers and sisters, they are enslaved, persecuted, and confined to virtual “ghettos”. They are part of the millions of African and Middle East immigrant workers who are treated like pariahs in France, and who Chirac and Sarkozy want to expel from the schools and deport. To support their Palestinian brothers and sisters, we call on the young workers and the immigrant workers to again take to the streets in all the cities of France with the slogan: “Every night we will make Paris a Bagdad!” We call on them to build international workers brigades to fight in the trenches of the Palestinian camps of south Lebanon and historical Palestine!

But to make this possible workers in the imperialistic powers will have to break with their union bureaucracies and the privileged layers of workers who are the support base for the World Social Forum whose leaders are in the camp of the imperialist bourgeoisies

  • Break the US working class from the imperialist butchers of the Democratic Party and the “lobby” of the Zionist bourgeoisie!
  • Enough of workers kneeling at the feet of the French imperialist Fifth Republic!
  • Break with the labour bureaucracies and workers aristocracies in the World Social Forum, that want to make the workers capitulate to the French and German imperialists calls for “peace” so that the imperialist mecenaries of the UN can take over the task of smashing the Palestinian resistance!
The workers and oppressed peoples of Latin America have much to learn from the sufffering of the Palestinian people, and the situation of the masses in the Middle East. They face the same subordination of the working class to the national bourgeoisies. The fate of the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples at the moment is the same fate that awaits the exploited of Latin America if they allow Castro, Chávez, Evo Morales, Lula, Kirchner and Bachelet, counter-revolutionary leaders of the World Social Forum, to make them kneel before the national bourgeoisies. Just like the Middle East, they use class collaboration to deceive the masses, to disorganise their ranks, and strangle their rebellions, while at the same time they use their military to attack the workers vanguard and prepare for more reactionary attacks to smash the proletarian revolution.

Break all ties to the bourgeoisie! Unite with our Palestinian class brothers and sisters of the Middle East in one fight against imperialism and its Zionist gendarme

The FLT calls for the widest unity of action to organize mobilizations, demonstrations and other actions support the fight of the Palestinian and Iraqian masses, and to face imperialism, Zionism and UN mercenaries.

For that reason, we make an emergency call to all workers organizations, peasants, students and anti-imperialists of the world:
  • Take to the streets, surround the Zionist and Yankee embassies and call for the military defeat of the barbaric armies of Olmert
  • Unite to fight for the defeat of Bush’s army in Iraq
  • Unite for the victory of the Palestinian and Iraqi masses
  • Oppose the plan of NATO and the imperialist mercenaries of the UN
  • Supply arms to the Palestinian people and all the forces that face the Zionist-facist state of Israel

For an International Conference of principled Trotskyists and revolutionary workers organisations

Again, for the second time in the 21st century, the burning Palestinian question has been made the center of the world struggle. This is not accidental: the long fight of the Palestinian workers and peasants for their national liberation, to defeat the Zionist invader and to recover their historical territory, has played a central role in the working class and socialist revolution in Middle East.

The present war of destruction being met by the indomitable resistance of the Palestinian and Lebanese masses, sends out a red alert that we must regroup, on a worldwide basis, all the healthy forces of Fourth International and all the revolutionary workers organizations who refuse to follow the class collaborationist politics of the World Social Forum and the fake Trotskyists. Against the Stalinists who have long gone into the camp of counter-revolution, and the ex-Trotskyists who have dragged the flag of Trotskyism in the mud so that it does not fly in the Middle East today, there are healthy and revolutionary forces that are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinian people, raising a revolutionary program to transform the war into the beginning of the workers and peasants revolution in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and the whole Middle East, and capable of leading the rebellion of the working class in the imperialist powers against those who collaborate with ‘democratic’ imperialism.

The revolutionaries of the Leninist-Trotskyist Fraction (FLT) call on all groups and organizations everywhere in the world who are on the side of the Palestianian and Lebanese people in this war, to convene an International Conference of principled Trotskyists and the revolutionary workers organizations. We put forward this declaration and the revolutionary program it embodies, as a basis for an international campaign in support to the Palestinian people, and the regrouping of revolutionary internationalists of the world. There is no time to lose!

24 July 2006
International Coordinating Secretariat of the Leninist-Trotskyist Fraction:
Internationalist Red October (ORI), of Bolivia
Trotskyist Internationalist League (LTI), of Peru
LOI (CI) - Workers Democracy, of Argentina
Trotskist Fraction (FT), of Brazil
Internationalist Workers Party (POI-CI), of Chile
Communist Workers Group (CWG), of New Zealand
[This version Translated, Abridged and Edited by Communist Workers Group]

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