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Tribute to Roque Sanchez, young revolutionary fighter!

We reprint the tribute of the FLTI on the death of the young Peruvian militant Roque Sanchez on 29 October 2010. We first came to know Roque when he was a member of the Lucha Marxista of Peru in 2002. The CWG and Lucha Marxista became members of the Collective in December 2002. When Lucha Marxista and the Collective split in 2004, Roque Sanchez stayed with the Collective which then became the FLT in 2006. While the CWG left the FLTI (as it became in 2009) in 2010, we recognise that Roque Sanchez was a revolutionary youth leader who dedicated his short life to the victory of the revolution. Long live Roque!

A young fighter for the cause of socialist revolution and for the re-foundation of the Fourth International has passed away.

Today, at the age of 28, the young Trotskyist leader Roque Sanchez has died. When he was very young, he joined Peruvian Trotskyism. He lived his first experiences in Trotskyism in the group Poder Obrero of Peru, Lucha Marxista of Cuzco and was a founder member of the Collective for a revolutionary international that LOI-CI of Argentina called to set up in 2001 to regroup the forces of the internationalist revolutionaries when the Ecuadorian and Argentinean revolution hit and started the first fires of the Bolivian revolution.   

With the Split of collective, Roque joined the foundation of the FLT, making a great international work from Peru, collaborating in a decisive way in the work on the lessons of the Peruvian revolution in ’78 and intervened decisively in the process of the Bolivian revolution to where he travelled as a true internationalist in order to intervene in the revolutionary events that shook Bolivia and Latin America in 2003/2005.

In 2009, he was founder member and a delegate of the LTI of Peru to the foundation Congress of the International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction, in where they merged groups led by WIVL of South Africa, the former FLT and observer groups from USA.  

He is co-author of the works on “Bolivia: an expropriated revolution”, as well as a work on a deep research in polemic with the GB of France on the “nature and fight against the labour aristocracy and bureaucracy”.

A young and brilliant Trotskyist leader, but above all an internationalist militant of the proletariat, has passed away at the age of 28. The cruelty of nature finishes his life very early. He died for a cardiac arrest and sudden death.  

He passed away very young, as an adoptive son of the working class since he was 17 years old. 11 years fighting for the cause of proletariat. He gave the absolute majority of his conscious life to the fight for the international socialist revolution and re-founding the Fourth International.  He was committed to that fight as a member of the Secretariat of International Coordination of the International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction thousands of kilometers away from his country. Roque had understood perfectly that if we do not re-found the Fourth International, Trotskyism will never be able to even dream in setting up revolutionary parties in any place of the world for the victory of the socialist revolution. 

Today very early, after writing a new essay on the events of the huge class struggle in France and in Europe, he went to bed to have a rest. He never woke up again. His work, still not finished, stated a call on French workers: “Our fight in the streets of Paris must set on fire Europe! Out Sarkozy! Out the Fifth Republic of the French imperialist butchers!  For the return of the Commune of Paris! Only in that way, by the proletarian revolution and its huge historical upheavals, the Europe and French working class will stop the brutal attack that the ruling classes have launched without mercy to make exploited of the world pay for the crisis they have provoked.”

From the FLTI, the leaders and militants who share his combat can only say that he lived a short but fruitful life at the service of the world proletariat. We do not have doubts that if he could have predicted this tragic end, surely, he would affirm, holding his fist high, “I would’ve given even more years of my life for the cause of proletariat!” 

Today, the bourgeoisie, like in Argentina, holds a wake one of its heroes, such as Kirchner, that saved their interests thanks to the treasons of the leaderships of the Argentinean and Latin American proletariat. Roque told us that it was not possible to have any condolence or to pay tribute to the leaders of the proletariat’s class enemies whose government and regimes had murdered thousands and thousands of workers in Argentina and in the American continent. He said that the hug of the bolibourgeoisies paying tribute to Kirchner only hid, under a sweet veneer, the gunmen of the union bureaucracy that had massacred the young Ferreyra, militant of Partido Obrero.  How right Roque was! We only pay tribute and we honour the militants of the world proletariat, to the heroes (many times anonymous and other times popular) who die while fighting for the program of revolutionary Marxism.  
For our honour of revolutionary workers and militants of the Fourth International and of the fight for re-founding it, we know we will continue this fight. Roque was part of the new generation that feverishly sought the continuity and legacy of the Fourth International of 1938, which was destroyed and liquidated during decades of adaptations and capitulations with which the destroyers of Trotskyism left no tracks of bolshevism.  

FLTI has been nourished and is nourished by a new generation of revolutionary workers youth. Comrade Trotsky reminded us that when a movement becomes impotent to lead proletariat to the victory in history, it disappears and the generation who carried it out degenerates. Our comrade Roque was not part of those tired souls, and for that reason he crossed thousands of kilometers to set up a fighting international centre to fight for re-founding the Fourth International.   
This new generation of revolutionaries has and has had the perspicacious of thinking with their own head, seeking feverishly for the lessons of the great combats of the international proletariat to give continuity to the Marxist theory, that is, the theory of the proletariat revolution, a thousand times trampled on and falsified by revisionism in Marxism. Roque used to say that it is not possible to walk ahead in the fight for the socialist revolution without fighting resolutely for giving continuity to the program of proletariat so that it does not start again facing each decisive combat in the history. To that cause, he dedicated great part of his forces during the last years as a publicist. The lack of facility he had to speak and express himself orally was perfectly substituted in a brilliant way for his magnificent and acute blessing as a publicist.   

In his essay on the events of France, Roque said that the imperialist French bankers and owners of the transnational companies are the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren of those who stuck their umbrellas in the Paris communers massacred in 1871, heirs of those who, with the popular front in 1936-38, delivered the French proletariat with their hands and feet tied up to Marshal Petain for him to give Hitler the keys of Paris. The imperialist bourgeoisie of today, daughter of De Gaulle, Mitterrand, Giscard D’Estaing, Pompidou and other dregs of the imperialist Fifth Republic, remembers very well how they managed to defeat the heroic revolution of French May in ’68, with the treason of Stalinism.  

The exploiters inherit the property and the lessons of how their previous generations smashed the proletariat. The comrades of the African secretariat of FLTI pay tribute to him by stating that his program –the program of the entire FLTI- on France is already being cooked with low flame in the barricades of Paris, in the pickets of the oil workers…in the worker youth immigrants of the Citiés-the vanguard of the exploited in the combat- which are treated like vandals by the union bureaucracy and aristocracies-servants of the imperialist bourgeoisie. The new uprisings and new general strikes of Guadeloupe and Martinique pose the unity of the proletariat of colonies and semi-colonies with the proletariat in the metropolis.  That is the way. The starting point to get the victory is there. You have put a great effort in this combat. Perhaps, it caused that your health to break earlier and in a cruel and premature way it cost you your life. We know that if you had known it beforehand, you would have done the same and much more for your convictions. 
The crisis of our world party prevents the new generation of the proletariat from entering the combat with that legacy of historical lessons to win. Roque insisted that the treacherous leaderships force the proletariat to start always from the beginning, snatching proletariat here and there the landmarks of socialism it won throughout its combat. The fight to re-found the Fourth International, the world party for the socialist revolution, is that the proletariat -with lessons of its historical combat- build the leadership that leads it to victory, that is, to the international socialist revolution. This was understood by the new generation of revolutionary Trotskyists to whom the old generation only gave promises of victories but left nothing else than landmarks of miserable defeats.  

Comrade Roque Sanchez: today we pay tribute and honour to your revolutionary militancy, your combat that is the same fight that the new generation of the proletariat is already giving in the streets of Europe, in the enslaved Africa, in the untamable and rebel Palestine, in the streets of USA and is fighting toughly in the American continent. We say goodbye to you and honour your struggle for the socialist revolution.

In your tribute we re-vindicate the Fourth International and its founder members of ’38, and state with you, as we have always done, that between Trotskyism and Stalinism there is a blood river. Thus, the FLTI (of which you are a founder member) is at the front line of combat against the impostors of socialism who, under the name of socialism, attacks on the masses like in Cuba by dismissing hundred thousands of workers, similarly or in a worst way than Sarkozy, the Queen of England, the German transnationals and bourbons of Spain.  This is what the Cuban Stalinist bureaucracy does, who is today ready to become the agent of capitalist restoration, as yesterday were the Stalinists, giving away the workers states and becoming new managers of Citibank and the Morgan Bank.

We pay tribute to a militant of the Fourth International whose historical task will be to clean the way of the proletariat and remove so many treacherous leaderships that sell out its combat and gains. We pay tribute to nothing more and nothing less than an internationalist revolutionary who died proud of being part of an international centre that fights for re-founding the Fourth International. In our tribute, no hypocrisy exists. Sometimes, your distractions prevented you from focusing on your tasks more coherently. Your passion to re-found Peruvian Trotskyism, sometimes, separated you from the combat for an international centre. However, you always tried it over and over again. Always.  And to think that petty bourgeois, servants of the social-imperialist parties, dared to expel you applying the worst Lambertist methods of the Peruvian Trotskyism, accusing you of “crazy”… “sick boy”…We looked at each other and we recognized ourselves. They used the same treatment used by Stalinism against its dissidents.

Stalinism masked as Trotskyism. We cry out: “Long live the ‘crazy’!” and thus, we advanced towards a Bolshevik merger.  You were proud of that fight. Such fight is already heritage of our tendency, as every fight we wage when we broke relentlessly the parties that far of serving at proletariat, they submitted it to the bourgeoisie and did that in order to back every treacherous union bureaucracy that led proletariat to a dead end.

His comrades in Lima are aware of his work among health workers, the uprising mining workers in Casapalca know about his internationalist combat when he took there the solidarity of hundreds of worker organizations of the world; solidarity with their struggle and against the repression they had suffered that was led by FLTI groups at world-wide level.  The agricultural workers of Trujillo met him fighting for the general strike together with the comrades of Nucleo Obrero Revolucionario of that province who today are sympathizer of FLTI.

The comrades of the Liga Trotskista Internacionalista --Internationalist Trotskyist League-- of Peru are losing an international leader. The health workers, the revolutionary students will feel his absence. The mining and agricultural workers will ask for him.  But we, the workers of Paris, and Africa, the revolutionaries of the American continent and all the members of the International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction will not feel less such absence. His revolutionary personality will be irreplaceable, but his fight, without any doubt, will be continued for the revolutionary worker youth. 

Our Transitional program states that the battlefield is full of fake politicians, of rubble of the counterrevolutionary and reformist currents. That there are more corrupted than incorruptible ones in the planet. You are one of the latter, of the upright militants for the proletariat cause who was in the battlefield entirely.

Comrade Roque Sánchez:   For socialism forever! Forward to the victory of the international socialist revolution! Long live the fight to re-found the Fourth International!
Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional (International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction)

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