Sunday, October 31, 2010

France: Out the class collaborationist union leaders in France!

We reproduce the action program of the FLTI on the recent French strikes.  The major defect that the WIVL indentifies is that the fake left calls for 'indefinite general strikes' without saying what would end that fight, namely the overthrow of the bourgeois regime and its replacement by a Workers' Government. This action program fails to remedy that defence as it jumps from the preparation for a general strike to its effect missing out on two key aspects. It needs to be finished off with the call "For a General Strike to overthrow the Bourgeois regime" and "For a Workers Government to bring workers to power to plan the socialist economy" that would replace the bourgeois regime.

General strike committees in every workplace- occupy, resist! 
Down with the imperialist regime and the Sarkozy government!

The trade union leaders have deliberately delayed in calling all the masses out to fight the attacks on workers pensions. They shield the imperialist regime at every step. Now they organize symbolic actions on the 28th October and 6th November while the know the lower house is voting on it on the 27th Oct. They should have organized the millions to come out and face the parliament on the very day they dared vote on it and if these bandit representatives went ahead, the workers should have stormed parliament and dispersed it. Just like in Greece, the treacherous leaders refuse to call for the masses to overthrow the regime. Just
like in Greece, the leaders they want to tire the masses out with endless street demonstrations.

Lutte Ouvriere, the NPA, the FT-CI and others are appearing at the barricades of the oil workers and other strikers making militant calls for ‘indefinite’ general strikes. Strikers need to ask them: ‘You, who want to claim leadership of the struggle, you who have links right up into the union leadership and have international networks, what are you doing to mobilize the rest of the working class to come out on strike, what are you doing about the very leadership who does not want to call any broader action, that leaves us isolated? What are you doing about calling and organising the workers in the surrounding countries to blockade the oil and gas supplies that undermine our strike? You make no call for the toppling of the imperialist Sarkozy regime, so what is your call for an indefinite general strike for? So you can sound militant and make us believe you are our allies? So who has sent you? Your pay masters from  the French banks, so you can betray our struggle from within? Prove yourself, fight for the programme below or step aside’:

  • Down with the imperialist regime of the Fifth French Republic and the  government of Sarkozy!
  • For factory committees in every workplace to prepare for occupation of all factories, mines, capitalist farms, mines, banks, etc.
  • Out with the union bureaucracy from the unions and the workers movement 
  • For general strike committees of delegates of workers, students, unemployed,immigrant workers, rank and file soldiers.
  • For workers self-defence committees
  • Blockade all scab oil, gas and other supplies from entering France
  • For an organizing committee to refound the Fourth International 
  •  All power to the broadened inter-union, general strike committees in France!
Issued by the WIVL for the FLTI.

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