Thursday, February 04, 2010

Haiti: Statement from the FLTI

  The new gas and oil finds in Haiti show that while the masses were entombed alive in concrete graves, US imperialism was busy prospecting for resources to exploit. This is the barbarism of world capitalism today.

Catastrophe in Haiti:
Earthquake, famine and a new imperialist invasion
The working class of the American continent must rise together with the Haitian martyrdom masses which are attacked by the US imperialist troops and those of the Minustah-UN.
It is necessary to break with the World Social Forum leaderships and the “Bolivarian Revolution” façade who subordinate the working class to its executioners, the native bourgeoisies and the imperialist butchers Obama and Sarkozy.

Let the ELAC leaders break with the bourgeoisie and launch an emergency appeal for working class in the continent gets into the combat to help the tormented Haitian masses!
Imperialist butchers Obama and Sarkozy’s hands off Haiti!
Down with the façade “Bolivarian Revolution” which expropriates the revolutionary anti-imperialist struggle of the masses in the continent!
For the military defeat and expulsion of the invasion troops of US, UN and those of the sepoy Latin-American bourgeoisie!
For a new Vietnam for the imperialism in Central America and the Caribbean!
For a worker and peasants government in Haiti and Dominican!
For the Socialist United States of Central and South America!
For more than a century, the US and French imperialism have sunk the island “La Española” –Haiti and Dominican Republic- into the worst human degradation, plundering and super exploiting it. They transformed Haiti into a US protectorate, a reservoir of slave labour just a few miles away from Miami (up to now under the proxy bourgeois government of Preval, who is Obama and the slaver monopolies’ puppet) used to lower the salary of the US working class and even the salary of the immigrants inside USA. With such unemployment, the imperialism sees that there are too many people in Haiti, so they leave them to die without anything. It is a real extermination. 

Now the martyrdom black Haitian masses suffer the most cruel of the barbarism because under such a historical plunder, an earthquake has demolish dozens of thousand of poor workers’ houses and has planted hundreds of thousand of corpses in Port au Prince’s streets.

Our exploited Haitian brothers and sisters are eaten by the dogs and the vultures in the streets. 150 casualties are confirmed and the dead bodies which are under the ruins are uncountable. 

Hundreds of thousands walk around in the middle of this chaos –even wounded and mutilated- searching for their relatives; 250 thousand are close to death; 2 million workers families have lost their houses and half a million people survive without a shelter or in improvised huts, with hunger, thirst and serious illnesses, covered by mountains of garbage, rotten overflowed sewers, without schools, without hospitals, no drinkable water, and even less electricity. This is the barbarism provoked by the imperialism! No “humanitarian aid” can be expected from these genocide exploiters!

The disasters of the earthquake could have been prevented! With a minimal part of what the US state put to bail out the Wall Street parasites from the bankruptcy of the world economic crisis, it could have guaranteed anti-earthquake houses for all the Haitian population, as the ones built in Japan and in Los Angeles, so an earthquake do not destroy them. And with a minimal part of what Obama gave to the exploiters of GM to prevent their bankruptcy –fortune that they are making paid to the workers with dismissals, taking conquers, hunger and misery-, it could have guaranteed water, food and medicine for all the exploited ones in Haiti. 

In order to generalize to all the exploited ones the technological development that protect from the blind forces of the nature, and stop being an exclusive privilege of the imperialist powers, it is necessary to expropriate the imperialist monopolies with the proletarian revolution methods!

Under the mask of the “humnitarian aid” and of “combat against chaos and violence”, imperialism the sipoy bourgeoisies and the counterrevolutionary leaderships hide the military occupation of Haiti

Today, after the brutal earthquake, the whole of the imperialist bourgeoisie send more troops, multiplying the military occupation of the Haitian yanqui protectorate, that since 2004 is being occupied by 11.000 soldiers of the Minustah, under the cover of the UNO, led by France and commanded by the “Bolivarian” lackeys of Bolivia, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc., that will increase the number of their troops up to 14.500, all on behalf of the North American imperialism. On the other hand, directly the yankee imperialism –on its own bill-, from the 4th Fleet of the SurCom, has already disembarked 6.500 marines occupying the island, to which there  will be added other 12.000 in next days. They have already “established 4 provisional centers in the airport, the port, the Petionville hills (in the golf club) and in Jacmel, a cost village next to Puerto Principe. With this deployment, Washington bets in two directions: to lead the recomposition of the state and the government of Rene Preval and to ensure for itself the management of the Hatian Marshall Plan.” (Clarin, 24-01-10)

That is to say, “the humanitarian aid” and the necessity to “combat chaos and violence”, are nothing else but a mask that hides the criminal action of the occupation troops, amid the biggest catastrophe and famine seen in the Caribbean in the past century. The invading troops -with license to kill- guard the private property and the reservations of foods in the island, to impede that the first and legitimate expropriations of the warehouses on the part of the hungry masses, taking what belongs to them, become a new revolt for the bread that attacking the property of the capitalists, condemn all the reservations of foods, it dilutes and medicines to palliate the immense penuries of the exploited masses, threatening to the group of the property of the imperialistic monopolies and of the employer one pro-slavery native and that it expels to the troops of imperialistic occupation.

The palpable test of this humanitarian cynicism is that for a population of 3,8 millions of inhabitants of the city of Port au Prince, with 2,5 millions of hungry, thirsty and wounded people, they hardly distribute 15.000 liters of water per day, no medicines and the scarce foods is thrown to them by helicopter, while the donations are sold in the black market at exorbitant prices. Meanwhile the yankee troops, with the state of siege, control the ports and the airport, and patrol the streets armed up to the teeth with heavy weapons, guarding the big stores, the big property and the rich neighborhoods. This is why in the area of the airport, where they have the biggest reserves of food and water, they have already begun to shoot workers and their children that -knowing that they are their – go there for foods and water.
All this, after the yankee imperialism with the 4th Fleet of the SouthCom established a maritime military fence with the plane carrier, misilistic fragates, airplanes, amphibians and armed helicopters to make sure that a rebellion do not rise up not only of the martyred Haitian masses, but also of their brothers of Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, the Antilles, the rest of the countries of Central America, and Mexico, and fundamentally the 45 million Latin immigrants in USA, among them the million and a half Haitian residents in New York and Miami. And this while the sipoy government of Leonel Fernández -militarizing the frontier of Dominican Republic - closes the only exit by earth for the masses of Haiti.
These imperialist pirates of Wall Street and of the rest of the international financial capital, have to disguise themselves by “sending humanitarian help", because they are who, after spending in advance 90 trillion dollars, they have launched a ferocious attack upon the world working class to save to the JP Morgan, the Citibank, Freddy Mac, General Motors, Toyota, the HSBC, the German Hypo, BNP Paribas, Northern Rock, etc., sowing the true chaos and violence in the world, leaving without work and sinking in misery at least 1.000 million workers in the whole planet.

It is that these criminals and exploiters of the world, commanded by Obama, are forced to hide their attack in Haiti with the verse of the “humanitarian aid", because they are those who headed the coup-de-etat in Honduras, they sent the murderer marines to Afghanistan, they armed the Turkish army to slaughter in the north of Iraq and they made a pact with the Shiite bourgeoisie to contain the rebels in the south of that country; they are those who sent to their minor partners in Pakistan to perpetrate a true massacre in the Swat valley with 80.000 murdered and 2.000.000 displaced, with the support of the Chinese and the Indian army. They are the murderers of the Middle East peoples and because of that they were beaten in 2006 and 2007, receiving in the yankee airports thousands of black bags with the marines executed by the heroic Iraqi and Afghan resistance.

They are those that to have their hands free to launch new counterrevolutionary offensives as in Honduras and now in Haiti, make a pact with the French imperialism to share the booty, as they do it in China, where the Stalinist bureaucracy become into bourgeoisie, gave hundreds of millions of slaves to the world market.

Then “humanitarian aid" is nothing but a smoke curtain to hide this true military occupation of the martyred Haitian nation before the North American proletariat –first of all, before the most exploited sector, the 45 million immigrants- and before the working class and the masses of the whole continent. For that reason -as they did when they occupied Iraq in the 2003- the bourgeoisie even ended up restricting in the news in the whole African continent, the penuries of the Haitian masses under the military boot of the occupation, showing them as "salvation" troops to prevent its class brothers and sisters of the black continent to rise up in indignation in support of the Haitian masses.

The “bolibourgeoisie” the pro-slavery Chinese CP and the Castroist bureaucracy, now all together in their International V, and also the renegades of Trotskyism that even if they want to cover with "leftist" phraseology, they do not anything but to reproduce that to throw dust into the eyes of the working class, became the main spokesmen of this smoke curtain.

Down with the farce of the “humanitarian aid” in the hands of the imperialist butcher invaders and of the counterrevolutionary leaderships of the world proletariat!

The true humanitarian aid for the exploited of Haiti can only come from the working class and its fighting organizations. 
It is necessary to expel to the invader troops; to condemn the monopolizers and the capitalists; to nationalize the foreign trade and to break up with imperialism; to impose a unique national bank under workers’ control, expropriating the private banking without payment! 
It is necessary to expropriate all the urban properties of the bourgeoisie! 
It is necessary to impose a workers’ and peasants’ government based on the selforganized and armed masses, in supply committees, reconstruction committees, workers' committees and poor peasants' committees that take the arable lands immediately!

This would be a first step and a true electric shock for the masses of all Central America and the Caribbean, so that Guadalupe, Martinique and Mexico catch fire again. It would be the kick so that Nicaragua and El Salvador insurrectionists stand up again, as an outpost in the struggle to expropriate the expropriators, with the Haitian masses at the head of the continental revolution as the slaves already did at the beginning of the 19th century. But this time it will be a rebellion of the modern slaves, against the exploiters, against its leaderships that make them kneel down and prevent them to develop all its revolutionary force at a national and a world level.

The key for the victory of the Haitian masses is in the hands of the North American working class, that with its anti-imperialist struggle yesterday, with the immigrants at their head, and with the heroic Iraqui and Afgani resistance provoked the crisis of the government Bush and the regime of the “republicrats”. Today, the working class has to break with Obama and with the reformist leaderships that submitted it to this smoked Bush that represents the same interests of the financial capital, the oil companies, the high tech industry and the industrial military apparatus. This is the only way to put on feet the March of a Million Workers against the war and against the military occupation of Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan.

For this to be true, the working class need a courageous voice that calls thing by their real name. The first thing that has to be said is that it was the treacherous AFL-CIO who submitted the working class to the gang of parasites of Bush and Cheney and the masses are paying for that with 40 million of hungry in the USA now.

They were who submitted it to the follower of Bush’s job, the imperialist butcher Obama, and now millions of jobs and houses are lost, with hundreds of thousands of workers living with three dollars a day, without healthcare and without education for their children. The working class is equal or worst than their Latin American brothers and sisters. We need a courageous voice that calls things by their real name and that tells that the assassin Obama has endorsed the Zionist massacre in Gaza with the operation “Plomo fundido”, keeps the anti-imperialist fighters of Afghanistan and the Middle East in Guantanamo and in the six hundreds clandestine prisons of the CIA, and is the one who, leading the regime of the “republicrats” is preparing to send Mumia to the electric chair, a hostage of the world working class in the hands of the imperialist gags. It is necessary a courageous voice that calls the North American working class to break with the smoked Bush of Obama and with the regime of the “republicrats”, setting on feet the March of the Million Workers again and to paralyze the imperialist war machinery.

With the military occupation of Haiti, the yankee imperialism wants to establish a new military base in the Caribbean to massacre the masses and to consummate the capitalist restauration in Cuba.
The French imperialist vultures –under the cover of the ONU and the “bolibourgeoisie”- wants to be part of the reconstruction of Haiti, and to preserve their interests in the Caribbean and in Latin America

The macabre imperialists, taking benefits from the disgrace and the terrible suffering of the Haitian masses, took most of the strategic points in Haiti, setting up a monstrous military operation of the occupation troops of the butcher Obama who, without any doubt, in a few days will be transformed not only into a protectorate with hungry slaves, but in a new yankee military base in the Caribbean. This is why instead of bringing water, medicines and food for the population that ambulate in the last breath in the streets, they are getting ready to disembark new contingents of marines of the 4th fleet of the US SouthCom, armed up to the teeth. 

We are before a true leap in the offensive of the bloody North American imperialism, with its policy of coming back “for everything” to recover its “backyard” in Latin America. Disguised as Obama, together with the native bourgeoisies, it is launching a brutal attack against the North American and Latin American working class, after the installation of seven military bases in Colombia and planting the military coup in Honduras by reinforcing its military base in that country, and after modernizing its military base in Guantanamo (Cuba). Then, having the monstrous military base of the Navy in Puerto Rico, the yankee imperialism has concentrated an enormous military power in Central America and the Caribbean, preparing new massacres against the masses, guaranteeing the routes of oil from Venezuela and the control of arms smuggling and the narco trade. This is the counterrevolutionary operation of the yankee pirates, which key part is the consummation of the capitalist restoration in Cuba. They have to smash the working class of the continent to put it out of the stage for a whole historic period, to have the hands free for superior military offensives and adventures in a world level to come out from the crisis.

This is the offensive of the “Republicrats”, with Obama in the command of the general staff of the yankee imperialism, to redouble the attack and to defeat the struggles of the working class and the peasants in Mexico, Peru, Guadalupe, and the Antilles, that are showing the way to open the counteroffensive of the masses in the continent.

Behind the mask of the “humanitarian aid” they invade Haiti with thousands of marines controlling provisions and medicines. With the delay of the help, they are doing all what is necessary for the death of more hundreds of thousands of exploited people, in the same way they did in the past century in Ethiopia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and the whole black African continent.

Then, these experienced yankee assassins that came from massacring the people in Irak, Afghanistan and Pakistan, already control the strategic points of the capital in Haiti, leaving for France and the Minustah, the rest of the island. They want to guarantee an enormous force to massacre the martyred exploited Haitian people, to prevent it from rebelling –as it did in history expelling the invader-  and that it takes the resolution of its sufferings in its own hands with the method of the civil war opening the way to stablish a new workers´ and peasants´ republic in the Caribbean.

For this reason, the French imperialist butchers –in a race against the clock- want to reestablish behind the armor of the UNO, using the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisies (laying on the whole 5th International, headed by Chavez and the red mandarins of the Chinese Communist party and Castro and supported from the “left” by the renegades of Trotskyism), to cover the occupation and the new crimes of the invading forces, in the first place, while they as for “more humanitarian aid”. And, in the second place, with their talk against the “exaggerated sending of yankee troops beside the resolution of the UNO”, they hide the disputes, not only for the reconstruction of Haiti but for the right to use the Haitian slave workforce, the slide of the business of smuggling and the narcotraffic, to reinforce their placement in the Caribbean with its colonies in Guadalupe, Martinica, Guyana, etc., and defending the interests of the French, Holland, Spanish imperialisms and the rest of the European vultures in Latin America.

The no less bloody French imperialism does not agree to being denied the millions from the reconstruction, and even less, to relinquishing itscontrol of its old colonies in the Caribbean, and its businesses in the rest of the continent. France does not only sponsor the Business conference in Montreal, but,  behind the mask of the UNO, it also demands the right to send another 10 thousands “Blue Helmets” of its own, disguised as the Minustah, to back the dispute for its portion of the profitable businesses, as they did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

The world economic crisis pushes more and more all the imperialist parasites –yankee, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, etc.- to dispute the areas of influence, calculating the juicy businesses that they will get in the resconstruction of Haiti. They have met in a Conference on January 25th, in Montreal, Canada, and they are preparing another one in March. After meeting the sepoy Leonel Fenandez, Dominican president, and the Haitian Preval, “puppet” of Obama, to set up an “aid for the reconstruction of Haiti coordination committee” that will work in the Dominican Republic and will be integrated by the Community of the Caribbean (Caricom), the UNO, the OAS, the BID, plus the European powers the yankee imperialism and other countries as Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

The North American, Latin American and world working class must stand up again to prevent this offensive of the imperialist butchers to be a new defeat for the exploited masses of the world. It is necessary to put on feet the proletariat of the whole continent, beginning by the Local 10 of the dockworkers of Oakland and the workers and peasants of Cuba, for making Haiti and Central America a new Vietnam for the imperialist butchers, mainly for the Yankees and the French imperialists.

Imperialist military bases out of Puerto Rico, Guantánamo, Honduras, Colombia, French Guayana and Falkland Islands
For the military defeat of the imperialist invasion troops of the butcher Obama, of the French imperialist butchers and of the UN-Minustah in Haiti!
Down with the Montreal Conference of the imperialist vultures and their lackeys!

The military occupation of Haiti is a direct threat against the gains of the Cuban revolution. Down with the Castroite bureaucracy! 
International working class and peasant brigades of Cuba and all Latin America to fight against the military occupation of Haiti!

The Cuban working class and peasantry must see as theirs the torment suffered by their Haitian brothers. This might be the last warning! If the imperialist parasites finish in settling their military occupation, with the complicity of the Castroite bureaucracy who since 2004 supported the occupation Minustah troops in Haiti and opened its air space to the “US Air Force”, Cuba will be the next immediate target in the US offensive in the continent, to fulfill the capitalist restoration in the island.

The Castroite bureaucracy has tied its fate to the multinationals such as Monsanto (in the bio-fuel business), to the Spanish and French imperialisms in the hotel and tourism business, to Repsol and Totalfina in the oil extraction in the Caribbean, to the French imperialism in the exploitation of Nickel, and not to the 2001 Argentinean revolution, not to the 2003/2005 Bolivian revolution (both of them strangled by Castro and the Castroite restorationist bureaucracy as part of the World Social Forum’s actions) nor to the revolutionary uprising that not long ago the masses of Guadalupe, Martinique, Peru and Mexico made; and let alone of the tormented Haitian masses.

It is this bureaucracy the one that on the basis of the defeat of the Central American revolution –and in the whole continent- could go forward with its restorationist offensive, imposing superior suffering the Cuban people itself, with the privatization of some sector of the economy, such as tourism, hotels, and nickel; rationing the supply cards; with 18 dollars wages for the widest majority of the workers, privileged health for the officers, their families, the foreigners and a handful of “new” rich, social basis for the capitalist restoration, and more sufferings for the whole working class!

This restorationist bureaucracy will be in better conditions for the consummation of the capitalist restoration in case of the settlement of the yankee military occupation of Haiti. They want Cuba as an open air maquila and a whorehouse for the USA again, with the officers of the bureaucracy becoming a new bourgeoisie exploiter and oppressor of its own people, on the account of the imperialist parasites, tearing away up to the last conquests of the revolution from the Cuban working class.

Now, with the reserve of slave workforce of millions of hungry people in Haiti –only 80 kilometers away from Cuba- the Castroist bureaucracy is following the way of the Yeltsins, Putins, Hu Jintaos and the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, that today, as lackeys of the transnationals, true managers of slave workers, buy the raw materials and commodities paying historic record prices in the world market to guarantee the production of the imperialist monopolies with raw materials subsidized by the state.

So, it is indispensable for the Cuban working class and peasantry, to survive, to break with the Castroist restorationist bureaucracy, that today from the 5th International, continues the class collaboration policy imposed from the World Social Forum, and its getting ready to restore capitalism in Cuba. Yesturday, they had to defeat the revolution in the Caribbean and the continent to defend their privileges, to prevent the revolution that was shaking the continent from becoming a political revolution in the Cuban decomposed workers’ state, with the working class setting on foot its armed selfdetermination organisms to overthrow the restorationist bureaucracy. Today it is a question of life and death for them to impose new defeats over the masses in the continent –particularly in the Caribbean- to guarantee the final leap towards restoration and to liquidate the only vestige of a workers’ state in the continent.

The tasks of the defence of the conquests of the Cuban revolution are welded to the combat against the imperialist offensive in Haiti, confronting the Castroist restorationist bureaucracy and its support to the invasion and the smashing of the Haitian masses. The struggle against imperialism is indissolubly linked with the political revolution in Cuba.

Down with the capitalist restoration! 
Down with the restorationist of capitalist regime and the Castroist bureaucracy! 
For the victory of the political revolution to save the workers state in decomposition from the catastrophe of the capitalist restoration! 
Down with the international counterrevolutionary policy of the restorationist bureaucracy, strangler of the revolutionary and anti-imperialist struggle of the Latin American workers and the exploited people! 
For workers’, peasants and soldiers’ armed councils, to overthrow the restorationist bureaucracy and to put Cuba as a link of the Latin America and world revolution! 
For the Socialist United States of Central and South America!

In this combat, it is extremely urgent the rebellion of the Cuban workers and combative students, supporting their Haitian brothers and sisters and for the expulsion of the imperialist troops. This task is not only an urgent matter for the martyred Haitian people, but also in self defense.

The Cuban working class and people have in their hands the authority to call upon the workers and exploited people of Latin America and upon all the fighting organizations of the continent to set on foot workers´ and peasants’ militias from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, and in the first place, in Cuba itself, to go into Haiti to defeat and expel the imperialist invader and its lackeys. This is the shortest way to defeat the Castroist bureaucracy and to guarantee water, food and medicines for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

No permision for the yankee butchers to use the Cuban air space! 
For the smashing of the yankee troops in Guantanamo
For the immediate liberation of the anti-imperialist fighters imprisoned in Guantanamo!

For our exploited Haitian brothers and sisters to live, the imperialist occupation troops and their lackeys of UN-Minustah must be defeated and expelled!
To re-build Haiti, to get bread, water, medicines, housing, hospitals, schools and jobs with a decent wage: Expropriate the expropriators in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, all the Caribbean and Central America, mainly in USA and Canada!

The best help to our brothers in Haiti starts by condemning the cynicism and the hypocrisy sponsored by the same US and French imperialist murderous invaders, with the UN, the OAS and the CARICOM (Caribbean community), where the cynic Obama requested the butchers and former presidents of USA Clinton and Bush to organize the “Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund” to coordinate the humanitarian help in Haiti.

We have to break the subordination of the workers organizations to Obama and the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisies. Only with this the working class and the exploited, rebelling and conquering its generalized arming, will be able to expel the imperialist invader troops of USA, Canada and France with their lackeys of Minustah, to destroy the colonial state, joining forces with their brothers in Dominican Republic, and, with a victorious insurrection, federate under a provisional government of the armed workers and peasants organizations.

We have to set up armed workers committees to defeat the invasion troops in Haiti, expropriate the expropriators and make Haiti and Dominican Republic a new workers and peasants republic. This is in the way of generalizing the revolution in the whole region and mainly penetrating into USA. This is the only path to guarantee bread, water, medicine, houses and ultimately to rebuild Haiti over solid basis, anti-earthquake, that only the proletariat can guarantee. 

The military occupation is a real war against the Haitian masses, which just suffered an earthquake, to prevent the revolts for the bread to develop and become an armed insurrection of the exploited that defeats militarily and expels the invader troops; and to prevent that the exploited take the solution of their problems in their own hands, as they did yesterday against both of the genocide Duvalliers (Papa Doc and Baby Doc). 

Generalized arming of the workers and the poor people organized in peasants and workers militia to defeat and expel the US, Canadian, French imperialist troops and all the troops of the UN-Minustah, murderers of the people! 

In this catastrophe, the right of the exploited to get bread, water, medicines and houses for them and their children is sacred. Immediate confiscation of all the food deposits and warehouses controlled by the US marines and the Minustah and the big supermarket and grocery stores under control of the armed supplying workers and the poor people committees, reconstruction committees and poor peasants and workers committees to get the food! 

Let those committees to immediately occupy the arable lands in order to get food for all the exploited people!

Expropriation without compensation of the sugar factories, the assembling maquilas of the free trade zones to put them to produce under control of the armed workers, at the service of the exploited!

For the nationalization of the foreign commerce! 
For a single national bank under workers control, expropriating without compensation the private banks! 
Expropriate all the urban properties of the bourgeoisie!

Break with the IMF and the WB! No payment of the external debt!

The workers organizations of Dominican Republic have to rise with this program as a war cry in support of their class brothers in Haiti, starting to open unconditionally the artificial borders between those tiny countries, putting themselves at the head of the fight to expel the colonialist invader troops, as part of its fight for the defeat of the pro-imperialist government of Leonel Fernandez and conquer a Workers and Peasants Federation of Haiti and Dominican, under a workers and peasants government, based in the struggle organisms and the arming of the masses, in the road of conquering the Socialist United States of the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Only this way the imperialism can be expelled once and for all from Haiti, and end up the plundering, exploitation and the terrible sufferings of the exploited masses of the island “La Española”.

What our class brothers in Haiti need is to break the isolation, since as a nation it has no solution, not only because they share the island with Dominican Republic, separated by an artificial border, imposed by the former imperialist Spanish and French, but also because in the current world, if it is kept in isolation, what it is awaiting for Haiti is the hell of a military base, in a new imperialist enclave, worst than the Guantanamo jail.

That is why, in order to have bread, medicine, water, jobs, houses, the exploited from the insurrected Guadalupe and Martinique must rise up again, also the fight of the Mexican proletariat which thousands of them paralyzed the capital city and marched through the streets of El Zocalo, with the electrician union at the head. And let the Oaxaca commune rise up again, also the workers of Honduras against the counterrevolutionary coup, but this time with no tie to the canaille and coward Bolivarian of Zelaya. And mainly, let the US working class break its subordination to the Black Bush Obama in order to get the million immigrants rise up again, set up again the Million Men March against the war, so, together with ILWU local 10 of Oakland dockworkers, paralyze the imperialist war machine in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti, entering in political fight maneuvers against Obama’s government and the murderous regime of the “Republicrats”.

The true humanitarian help can only be guaranteed by the working class and its organizations at an international level, to make effective the food, medicines, clothes and weapons send. With hot cargo and block the airports to boycott the US-French imperialist war machine at the same time, to guarantee transportation and the delivery of the humanitarian help. This humanitarian help must come from the millions of profits of the transnationals and the imperialist usurer banks that stole fortunes in Wall Street. 
That is why it is indispensable to organize internationalist workers brigades of doctors, helpers, paramedics, and fighters, from the unions in USA and Latin America to help the Haitian and Dominican masses to defeat the murderous marines! 
We must transform Haiti into a starting point of the revolution in the Caribbean and Central America, as the Cuban revolution after defeating the North American troops in Pig Bay!  
US working class has to stand up again with its vanguard, the immigrant workers! Stop expelling the immigrants from USA
Down with the wall of shame in the southern border between USA and Mexico!

Gurkas troops of the imperialism sent by the sepoy governments of Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia to kill our Haitian brothers and sisters, Out! 
For a unified combat of the working class and the exploited of Latin America in support to the workers and the Haitian people!

The working class of the imperialist countries, particularly USA and France, and esencially its vanguard, the 45 millions Latino immigrants –where there are 1,5 million Haitians- in the case of the USA, like the Algerian, Ivorian, Palestinian, Turks, etc., in the case of France, have in their hands the strength to defeat this new colonial adventure of their own imperialist bourgeoisie, standing on the warpath with the methods of the working class, to force the immediate withdrawal of the imperialist troops from Haiti.

This way, breaking with the subordination to Sarkozy, Obama and their own imperialist bourgeoisies, imposed by the workers’ aristocracy and bureaucracy and by the reformist leaderships, the working class of the imperialist countries will be able to unite their ranks, in the first place with the real core of the exploited: the immigrant working class. Only this way they will be able to go towards the direct confrontation with their own imperialist bourgeoisies, regimes and government, making way for a world level mass counteroffensive.

The fake Trotskyists, with the ELAC at the helm, are the “left support” of the counterrevolutionary pacts of the native bourgeoisies with the imperialism to ensure the expropriation of the revolutionary anti-imperialist struggle of the masses

With the fake Trotskyist LIT/PSTU at the helm, in the mid-2008, it appears the Workers Gathering of Latin America and the Caribbean (ELAC) integrated by Conlutas (Brazil); the Workers Central of Bolivia (COB); Batay Ouvriye (Haiti); ILWU Local 10 from the dockworkers of Oakland (USA); the C-CURA from Venezuela who leads the UNT; The Militant Class Tendency (TCC) from Uruguay and other worker organizations from 21 countries around the continent. They put the millions of workers of the organizations they lead and influence to centralize their strengths to prevent that the left wing of the proletariat fight the bourgeois governments of the continent, led today by the former founders of the World Social Forum. They subjugated them to Lula, Chavez, Morales, Correa, etc. which are now in charge of attacking the working class, suppress and kill it, starve their families and put in jail its best fighters ¡In parallel they did the same in USA, helping to subjugate the left wing of the US proletariat to the feet of the Democratic Party butchers, so then, dressed up as Obama, USA can set up again a new general staff so the “Republicrat” regime can come out of the crisis and come back to get all to recover its LA backyard! 

From ELAC, with the “Trotskyist” coverage given by LTI-PSTU and its CONLUTAS, they re-credited the collaborationist leadership of the COB in order to allow it to subordinate the working class to Morales’ government, the one who repressed the militant Huanuni mineworkers and agreed a pact with the bourgeoisie of the Media Luna, re-strengthening fascism controlling half of Bolivia. While dozens of workers and peasants were massacred by the fascist gangs, during the assault of October 2008, the collaborationist leadership of the COB, supported by ELAC, with the fake Trotskyists of LIT at its head, refused to fight for peasants and workers militia to smash fascism, and demanded Morales to take the army out to the streets to guarantee “democracy” with the murderous officers caste!

The leaderships of the ELAC were the ones who supported the treacherous bureaucracy of the AFL-CIO and the reformist organizations in USA, the ones who de-synchronized the US working class fights (who started to rise up against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan) while millions of migrant workers took the streets fighting for their rights, who attempted to unify with the Iraqi and Middle Eastern masses fight, the same heroic resistance that put US imperialism into a swamp and Bush government into crisis.

These leaderships dissolved the Million  Workers March and subordinated the workers vanguard, the Local 10 of ILWU of the Oakland dockworkers, to scatter their picket lines and stop their strikes and hot cargo against the US war machine in the San Francisco Bay docks. From the ELAC, they collaborated to strangle the US working class awakening, to put them at the Democratic Party’s feet and later to those of Obama, the butcher, which imposed with the crisis 7 million workers dismissed and 40 million of them living out of food coupons.  

At the same time the ELAC in Brazil was setting up, in Colombia, Betancourt and other prisoners were freed by the Uribe-Bush army which massacres the Colombian resistance after it was sold out by Castro, Chavez and Correa with the support of the World Social Forum and the sepoy bourgeoisies in the continent. ELAC refused to fight for the only truly internationalist motion of solidarity with the Colombian resistance: 
Full and immediate de-militarization of the borders between Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Brazil
Let all the workers organizations of those countries break with the bourgeoisie and put all their forces to the service of supplying the resistance against the fascist Uribe!

In Honduras, against the pro-US coup of Micheletti, the ELAC, with its policy of “unconditional restitution of Zelaya”, subordinated the militant workers and peasants masses to the “democratic front” of the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisie, which, far from “defending democracy” ended up in a pact with the coupist while Tegucigalpa’s streets were stained in workers and peasants’ blood.

Down with the counterrevolutionary pacts of the “Bolivarian” bourgeoisies and the imperialism, supported by the fake Trotskyists!

In Brazil, the ELAC, led by Conlutas, in the middle of the crisis with over one million workers retrenched, guaranteed that the militant battalions of the most concentrated proletariat of Latin America do not fight against the “Union Action Pact” imposed by all the central trade unions servants of Lula’s government, which have imposed the “social peace” to the Brazilian working class in order to let the monopolies to over exploit the workers and beat the historical profits records. This was the same policy that all the Argentinean reformist left imposed to the Argentinean working class, taking all the struggles of the left wing of the proletariat into a defeat, putting them at the feet of the bourgeois regime’s institutions and guaranteeing the “social peace”.

And now, as if this was not enough, with one of the founder organizations of the ELAC in Haiti, Batay Ouvriye, the only thing the ELAC does is to beg to the UN butchers and their lackeys, the Latin American native bourgeoisies, for them to withdraw the troops, the same troops that occupy Haiti since 2004! And also they beg for more humanitarian help! 
They, from Conlutas, refused to fight against the murderous government of Lula. From the COB they refused to fight against Morales. From the UNT they refused to fight against Chavez. They refused to fight against those governments with working class methods, with strikes, pickets, blockades, etc. to impose the withdrawal of the murderous troops of the Bolivarians, who are at the service of the UN in Haiti, doing massacres for the imperialism.  

Emergency appeal to all the militant workers and peasants organizations of the continent!
Let the leaderships of the ELAC break with the bourgeoisie and launch an emergency appeal for the working class of the continent to rise and fight in the help of the tormented masses of Haiti!

Enough with requesting to the sepoy governments who have their hands stained with the Haitian exploited’s blood!
Enough with demanding “humanitarian helps” who blackmail and treat our class brothers and sisters as beggars!
Enough disciplining the workers organizations to the bourgeoisie country by country!

Let the leaderships of the ELAC break with the bourgeoisie and immediately launch an emergency calling, a war cry from the organizations gathered in the ELAC, with Batay Ouvriye (Haiti) and ILWU Local 10 of the Oakland dockworkers (USA), Conlutas from Brazil led by the PSTU/LIT, the Bolivian Workers Central (COB); the C-Cura from Venezuela that is the union groupment led by the UIT which is now at the helm of the Venezuelan UNT, the Militant Classist Tendency from Uruguay and the rest of the organizations in 21 countries around the continent at its head!

Let the leadership of the ELAC break with the bourgeoisie and call immediately to an Emergency International Congress to launch an urgent motion to all the workers organizations of the continent to call for a struggle plan to make a Continental General Strike, defeating the collaborationist policy of the union bureaucracy of the continent!

Break with the bourgeoisie and put all the strengths of the workers organization you lead and influence in the continent, starting with Batay Ouvriye from Haiti and the ILWU Local 10 of the dockworkers of Oakland (USA), to call together with the COB, Conlutas, UNT, etc. to organize workers international brigades of doctors, paramedics and fighters to aid and help the Haitian and Dominican masses to defeat the imperialist invaders and expel them from the island.

Let the ELAC break with the bourgeoisie and, from ILWU Local 10 of the dockworkers of Oakland (USA), guarantee that all the water, food, medicines and all the medical equipment our class brothers and sisters need get to them, and call to fight for the expropriation without compensation and under workers control of all the imperialist monopolies of the food industry, the great labs, the hi-tec medical industry in all the continent! Let the ILWU Local 10 call for a strike and to set up picket lines of the dockworkers of Oakland and the Million Workers March against the war to paralyze the imperialist war machine inside the beast!

Let the ELAC break with the bourgeoisie and with Batay Ouvriye in Haiti and call for the immediate confiscation of all the food storages and warehouses controlled by the US marines, the Minustah, the big supermarkets and grocery stores, under control of the armed supplying workers and the poor people committees, reconstruction committees and poor peasants and workers committees to get the food! 
Let those committees immediately occupy the arable lands in order to get food for all the exploited people! 
Let the ELAC break with the bourgeoisie and call to organize workers and peasants armed militias to defend themselves from the imperialist aggression and to defeat and expel the occupation troops in Port au Prince, in Haiti and Dominican Republic! 
Let the ELAC and Batay Ouvriye break with the bourgeoisie and call to set up a provisional workers and peasants government, backed in the armed rank and file committees!

International Coordination Secretariat of the FLTI

Shaheed Mahomed
African Secretariat
International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction.
with the support of the International Co-ordination Secretariat
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Salt River
South Africa
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